Dating is a very critical aspect of life that most of us wish to keep private and confidential. It may not be easy for you find the right dating mate without a third party noting thus the breach of confidentiality. Nevertheless, the koko app which is available for you to download from google play store will be a perfect solution for your dating hustles. The application will not only offer you the opportunity of meeting a confidant dating mate but will also lighten up your dating experience. You can vote for your crush, create a mutual bond with them and even entire them to take you out on a real dating experience. That is how awesome the koko app is. Having used the app for a while, I can surely recommend you to try it out and experience the wonderful features that come along with it.

Quick matching

The koko app is made in a way that it will sort out your perfect match for a date within the shortest time possible. Once you feed the app with your interests, hobbies and life values as well as virtues, within no time you are matched with an individual with similar specifications. These individuals are also notified of you. You can then organize to meet these individuals physically so as to get the real taste.


Though the koko app is designed to bring fun into dating experience, it maintain high professional standards. Someone will not be allowed to violate your rights sexually or even harass you. This way, koko app makes dating even more interesting because when people become professional when dealing with one another there is more insight.


The koko app allows you to vote for your crush when they post their smiling faces and this to some ways creates a bond between you and the crush. As the fun continue, the crush may be so much impressed with you and who knows, you may get a real hook up out of the fun!

High confidentiality

I know some of you will ask; now that am very naughty with my chats, how safe am I? Worry not. Koko app is well versed with your naughtiness and it will not make sure be rated as check mate. The level of naughtiness is also confined and protected in that people who are non-members cannot access such info thus high confidentiality.


The koko app is fun-filled for you. The high confidentiality of the app is of great importance to you as the user. The app gives you insight into real dating. The app is very fast thus very convenient.


Some of the members are just there to have fun and not interested in real dating.

Final Verdict

Technology is revolutionizing the way you carry out your daily life activities and mostly this is for the betterment of it all. Dating has not been left behind and the koko app has added a wonderful touch to the dating experience making you enjoy this aspect which is critical in our life. Myself am enjoying the experience of using koko app in dating and urge you to get a taste of it. If you do not meet a date mate, you will make great friends with koko app.

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