Elemelons is a distracting game that confronts your fast visualizing and swiping skills. Offered for free, Elemelons by Andrea Probst features a quirky storyline and simple to understand gameplay. Elemelons available for iPhone through the Apple iTunes App Store presents a new game mechanism.

The unique feature of the game is that it has a humorous and entertaining story, in which the human race has been penalized for its self-conceit on social media influencers, with the four elements changed into melons. The game started out with fixed “melons” that needs to be swiped to combine their accurate color wall. That means the game is a color matching puzzle game, in which the four walls are colored with four different amusing colors, were named the ELEMELONS. In the middle, the melon will appear, and one must move them towards their corresponding color.

For each of the four melon characters, you can read attractive freak back stories in the ‘discover’ section of the app. While not actually required for the game, I think that the additional attempt to give some story builds the game feel more skirt out than other, similar games and it is all the satisfactory for it.
It starts off attractive easily but soon gets hard when you have many distinct colors at once appearing. It is made all the harder by the way the melons can actually bounce into one another, sending them in the wrong direction, with things getting lovely fast and furious as you swipe around after a fault, trying to catch up with things.

Overall, this is an attractive, good-looking, interesting, fascinating and good-sounding game with an outstanding and magnificent presentation. The gameplay is pretty obsessive, and there are leaderboards to keep you coming back. Recommended for those looking for a new puzzle game with a feel of comical aspect.
Appearance and Layout:
Uniting colors are the main idea in this game and so, there is not much essential for detailed graphics. Still, the creators of Elemelons made attempt to make the characters detailed enough to add a certain loveliness to the game.

Instructions are provided for initial players, making it very easy to perceive the aim of this game. The homepage is easy as well leading to stressless in-app navigation.

While the graphics of Elemelons are somewhat rudimentary, they are still ridicule, eccentric and match well with the overall knowing of the game.


One can download and play the game freely if one so chooses with some in-app purchases available. I enjoyed my time with Elemelons, as it is the sort of game that you really sprout into, once you presented with your head throughout the color classifying. I do want there were more than just the one way to play through, but the one contained is addictive and interesting.The issue with irregular in-game lag, however, is definitely a difficult for the value of this app; there’s nothing more infuriating than a lagging game preventing you from achieving high scores

It is a very interesting, unique puzzle game. This game is easy to use, addictive, compulsive and with cool graphics. This is very, very simple and fun game.


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