How the projects are executed in an organisation or a company? Who will carry out all the planning and work related to a project? Well, if you are into such an organisation, you definitely know what I’m asking. You need a team to get the project work done and of course a collaboration software or a project management tool is required. So, today we have an amazing all-in-one project collaboration tool which will help you a lot and gives you faster results. It’s known as Infolio, which is a software application for carrying out projects online.

Infolio is available for free on the web as well as an iOS app. It’s a simple and powerful tool for small as well as remote teams or working from home individuals. Infolio is loaded with various features such as Kanban task boards, virtual information spaces, built-in chat and much more. You need to Login first to start using and then create a new project or import an existing one. You can add a new task, describe it and add more tasks.

In short, you can give a structure to your workflow.

Once you have assigned the tasks, created lists, you can easily search them and filter. You can also view which task is left and to be done under different perspectives. You can group all your tasks by lists or statuses. Moreover, you can give priorities to your tasks and make a list accordingly. If they are complex, you can add sub-tasks and add assignees for simplifying it. The application is equipped with a CRM that makes it easy to use and execute the project easily.

With Infolio, you can work from wherever you are and at any time. It helps you to save time and money that you waste on other project management tools. The interface of the app is neat and clean and user-friendly with custom fields. It’s a virtual whiteboard solution for your team and your business. This tool provides a space for content and visual thinking.

If you want to ask any questions regarding the price or anything about the app, you can contact the team if Infolio, they will answer all your questions. Else, you can follow them on various social media platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, Product Hunt and LinkedIn. The app is available for free and you can execute as many projects as you want. There are 2 plans: one is free and the other is a professional plan. You can do unlimited projects, invite team members, use unlimited boards and spaces, cloud service integrations, custom fields in both the plans. The only difference is the cost and the storage space. The professional plan comes @ $4.99 and gives 50 GB space, whereas the free plan comes with 1 GB space.

So Infolio is an amazing tool for getting all the projects done at your fingertips with the collaboration of your team as well.

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