Proper knowledge about Diabetes can reduce the depression, people here don’t want to be lectured but they need a personal coach for their diabetic fitness. People with Type 2 Diabetes are always in dilemma about the decisions they took for their insulin intake and food habits. They do not require a medical advisor but a caregiver

Cyndi Williams, Founder of Quintech developed an app which released under the name “Quin: Diabetes Management” was designed to turn the human experience into science and giving power to the people who live with diabetes.

Quin App is developed based on the research conducted by Quintech and then they developed their algorithm based on that which helps you to take your hundreds of decisions like take this much unit of insulin, go for a walk now, or eat any fruit. It’s amazing, even a single perfect decision could save you from ridiculous complications of Diabetes.

Quin gives you the step by step instructions to build your stability in blood sugar level. How much and when to take insulin is the question filled with confusing answers in the mind of Diabetic peoples. But Quin assures perfect personalized answers for you.

In first you have to analyze your blood glucose levels by using a glucose graph in the Quin app. If you had a record of your blood glucose levels in past, you can analyze through Quin. It produces the graphical representation of more and less time of your glucose levels curved in past. Then you have to add your food and then insulin dosage.

Set the carb portion sizes by selecting the existing meal or by adding a new food or snacks then add a carb range based on the size you take and time for food. From the next time carb range for your daily meal was saved.

Quin gives notifications for insulin, for the reminder you have to set the amount and your daily usage of insulin in the app with timings. And you can edit if necessary.

With help of the Quin app, we can reshape our past into a better future.

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