Have you ever imagined your life without your mobile phone? Probably, the answer is No! Today people are doing everything using their smartphones. The person who is not having a mobile phone is considered as a fool. Yeah! It’s true. It is the 21st century and mobile phone is a drug which is taken by everybody. Even a newborn baby gets attracted towards a phone due to its pleasant sound or picture. Children also demand their parents for a personal phone to play games and all.

Actually, the problem is not the device, it is the about the new applications that are launched everyday. People are eager to use the new app and want to do something exciting. But it’s a waste of time somehow up to an extent. It affects your health as well as damages your brain. Most of the generation spend their time on phones, irrelevantly just for time pass on social media, listening music, messaging, etc. You know that you are reading this article in your ‘smartphone’ too!

Now, the question arises, what ‘normal’ phone usage is? How much you spend your time on apps as compared to other people? You don’t even notice about these things. But, it’s high time now! If you want to save yourself and keep a balance in your lives, then start using “AntiSocial”.

It is developed by Bugbean Pty Ltd. It works with any Android smartphone having the latest version of the Operating System. The app is designed beautifully with lots of features in it. You have to start by filling your birth year and gender. It’s that simple to proceed further.

It’s an amazing app that allows you to take control and compare your smartphone usage. The app will run in the background of your smartphone and your journey begins with a two-week challenge. It includes some common usage results such as: how many times you unlock your phone each day, total number of minutes spent on social media, see your most time consuming and accessed apps and much more. It will show your app usage patterns daily and give you scores and compare them with others in a comprehensive free report.

Basically, Antisocial reports your smartphone usage clearly and simply gives you the power of knowledge. It’s never too late to start. You can reduce your phone usage from today onwards. Make a diet chart with AntiSocial. Try to focus only on those apps which are necessary and worth it. You can block or uninstall the unwanted apps to reduce your usage. It will not only save your phone’s battery life, but yours also!

Download AntiSocial now! It’s worth every penny! See where you stand and compare to others. It’s available for free in the Google Play Store.



  • Reports your app usage.
  • Usage patterns and scores displayed daily.
  • The Charts show your growth or decline in app usage.
  • Compare to other people worldwide.
  • Helps to keep a balance in life.
  • Brilliant graphics.
  • Free 2 weeks challenge.



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