Yesterday, someone asked me a question- Where can I get sports odds API and results? As, I am a content writer, I keep myself updated with the latest apps and websites launching every day and are required by the audience. So, I gave him about a wonderful solution which is called as Betting Odds API! Yes, you will be able to get the betting odds on more than 15 sports such as Handball, Baseball, Football, Rugby, American Football, Badminton and many more games.

Odds API fetches sports data for you on various sports events from more than 30 bookmakers of US, UK and Australia. You can select the sport and the country for which you want to get the odds data on the very first page of the application. With this API, you will save a lot of time to pull in sports data. All the results are real-time and are returned in a human as well as machine readable format known as JSON format!

Apart from JSON, the app supports a lot of other formats such as Node.js, Python, PHP,

CURL and your browser also. All the generated codes are easy to read and understand. I am a sports punter or you can say sports enthusiast, so I always keep track of the latest sports events happening around me. This app is very efficient to use and easily integrates with just a few lines of code.

Overall, the functionality and the performance of the app is great. There are so many subscription packages that you can avail, such as Free, Small, Medium and Large subscription plans. You will get everything you want at least for what you have paid. The subscription plans are based on the number of search requests you make and many other things. You can choose a plan that fits you and is pocket friendly for you! The following table gives you a description of the subscription packages having their price, number of requests and everything else.

$0 $9,99/month $44,99 / month   $84,99 / month
1000 requests/month 15,000 requests / month 120,000 requests / month 5,500,000 requests / month
HTTPS Encryption HTTPS Encryption HTTPS Encryption HTTPS Encryption
All bookmakers All bookmakers All bookmakers All bookmakers
All markets All markets All markets All markets
All sports All sports All sports All sports

This, you can find everything related to the betting odds on the webpage of the application. For what plan you choose, you need to pay through any of the payment methods such as via MasterCard, Visa, American Express Card, etc., given on the webpage.

So what are you waiting for! Just get it and make betting easier than before!