Are you someone who loves solving mysteries? Do you enjoy reading mystery stories? There are several apps on your App Store, each of which unfolds you a story in the form of an e-book. But this will mean you have to install several apps which in turn might compromise the storage capacity of your device. Also, you will mostly have to pay for each of these apps. All these can make you contemplate whether having an e-book is worth it. Hold on, with the Sophrosyne app you need not have any apprehension. With just one app that takes up minimum storage space and is priced at less than $3.00, you get to read ten stories. All the ten stories are equally intriguing and you will have no regrets installing the app.

Sophrosyne is an app that you will not want to miss if you want to put your grey cells to work. The plot of each story has been woven so intricately that there is no way you will guess how the killer committed the murder until you have read the entire story. As Detective Hubert Maimone tries to solve the mystery of the brutal deaths, he finds that they point back at him. Yet, he manages to solve the mysteries successfully in his inimitable style. The author Felix long is so convincing that you can’t help but suspect detective Maimone.

Each story takes its inspiration from a Muse of Greek mythology. The Sophrosyne app is designed in such a way that you will have absolutely no problem reading the stories. When you select the app from the App Store, you get to see three screenshots. The first screenshot has a Muses button at the bottom. A tap on this button opens the stories featuring the Muses and you can read them in whichever order, at your convenience.

Fans of Felix Long will surely not be let down by these ten mystery-shrouded stories from the author. The author has already managed to win the hearts of many by proving his mettle with several impressive short stories such as Game of Stones, The Dog Catcher, Softening the Blow, The Interview, and more. After you have read all the stories in Sophrosyne, it is a sure bet that you will recommend the app to your friends and family members who love Greek Mythology and mystery. They will thank you for introducing them to Sophrosyne.

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