People in India are going to be amused as well as baffled as they suddenly find the Nokia service centers disappearing and Microsoft emerging in their place. Of course it is old news that Microsoft bought off the ailing Nokia firm last year which was an acquisition that amounted to over seven billion US dollars. After acquiring the service and devices business units of Nokia, the formal re branding exercise has commenced this year with India being the first on the list to see the first share of re branding exercises.

Microsoft is taking over the Nokia stores and making the Microsoft logos stand tall in these retail spaces. The re branding campaign will be carried out over eight thousand Nokia stores in India alone. As Microsoft brings on a unified platform for selling the goods of Nokia as well as that of Microsoft products, customers can now look forward to finding Lumia smartphones sharing retail shelf space with Windows tablets and Xbox One as well.


The switchover has started as of today and the first priority reseller store of Microsoft is emerging at Gurgaon which is a landmark event in Microsoft India’s marketing operations. The customers are the ones to be benefited as they will find about 8872 retail stores and care centers averaging around hundred to get complete makeover. Others will have new signage in order to ensure integrity with the re branding initiative. India’s share is dominant in this re branding campaign as the global count for rebranding is 15864 outlets where retail transactions take place and care centers will average around three hundred.

The number of stores that are being re branded in India shows the importance of this country on Microsoft’s map. VP of Mobile Device Sales, Microsoft Corporate echoed the same sentiments as he announced that Nokia has been a strong brand in India and the very first Microsoft re branded phone, namely Lumia 535 had been launched in this country.