Wherever we go, people would first want to go by our looks. Personality is something that is an inborn trait and beautiful people always steal the show. Who doesn’t love to be admired by others humans around? We all know that beauty is something about the heart and the brains, and how we carry ourselves. When it comes to media, other traits like glowing skin, zero size and attitude matters. In cinema or fashion industry, beauty is measured in terms of physical appearance and how individuals execute their jobs well.

Those who belong to this industry, put in a lot of hard work and sacrifice much to maintain their super model image. So, it is definitely a pleasure to honor all their efforts. Dana Byte, CEO and Promoter of Hotversus.com,  explains that there is a motivation behind creating the app, an octagon of hotness. It is a chance for all of them to have a go at each other. There are no separation on whatever they do: they can be runway models or musicians or actresses, all dressed to perfection.

Hotversus.com is a mobile game that lets you to choose between 2 hot women and vote for them. This list is big and the users can refresh every time to see different participants and vote against them. This game continues unless you choose to put your device down. Yes. It may seem simple, but this game is very addictive.

All the hot ladies who wish to be a participant of this one-on-one game will have to enroll their information that furnishes their details. They have to send a photo they own to dana.byte@hotversus.com. Those who missed out this time, need not worry or regret about it. They will be included for the combat next year. At the end of this survey/contest, there will be some party thrown to honor them all. This is not to show, who is superior than the other. This beauty pageant, will be a great opportunity to all those who have newly entered this media.

If there is someone who wishes to take part, all that they have to do is to send a pic similar to the ones on the website. It is completely for fun as well as to entertain and encourage all those hardly working lovely ladies out there! All the new talented professionals can definitely make use of this entry and gain more recognition.

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