Are you looking for a tool which can fetch all the zip codes worldwide? There are a huge number of zip codes all over the globe and it’s very difficult to manage them all. You know how technology is progressing and everything is available at your fingertips and right in your palms. You only need the latest devices and an Internet connection and you’ll get everything! So if you want to locate a house, find a job or anything where you need a zip code, you can try this latest webapp called ZIP CODE API. offers a wide range of endpoints that will give you access to any type of data you might need. You need to search the zip code by just entering the PIN of the state, city or country. You will get the results in the JSON format, which is easy to integrate in any application. The results displayed are surprising. The API is easy to use and highly scalable and provides enough performance, no matter how high the request volume is! You can get the postal codes data from worldwide and make as many search requests as you want! 

When you use such kind of API, you will have a wide range of opportunities such as you will be able to access the postal codes worldwide, get the distance between two zip codes, etc. You can discover, test these API from your browser, connect using snippets and manage them from only one dashboard. Zip Code API helps you to get free access to worldwide postal code data. The app helps you to look up zip codes, calculate distances and much more. This free zip code API provides postal code data from over 100+ countries all around the world. You can make 10,000 API calls per month for free. Just get your api key within a few clicks.

With ZIP code API, you will be able to receive information about the primary location behind a zip code. You can also calculate the distance between two or multiple zip codes. The results are available in km or miles. Moreover, you can use this API to find all the zip codes within a radius from a given zip code. You can receive a list of all the postal codes within a given state, city, and country.

The app offers fair pricing for every use case.

There are different plans from which you can choose any one and let the servers do their work. These are: free @ $0 (no credit card required), small @ $75/month, medium @ $240/month, large @ $800/month and very large plans @ $2000/month. All the contracts can be cancelled, upgraded or downgraded at any time.

The app constantly updates and verifies the data from multiple sources to ensure the accuracy of the data. It provides you reliable and accurate results. The app is continuously improving itself and will be more advanced in the future! You can provide your feedback if you find the app worth using or send any feature request if you want to modify something! Your feedback is always welcome, whether they are positive or negative!

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