What’s the first thing that we remember while going somewhere, sitting somewhere or doing anything else, of course our mobile phone! It has become an important part of our lives today. People can choose to die but can’t live without mobile phones. The reason is it helps to connect with people when you need them or they need you! But, do you actually use your mobile phone to call your loved ones or just spend your whole time on the Internet?

Your Phonebook may have a lot of contacts, but do you know how many of them are important to you! Do you connect with them on a daily basis or occasionally? May be not! Because only ‘like’ and ‘share’ is the only way to remember people according to people! So why are you doing that formality? Just connect with them if you actually love them! But, who will remind us to do that?

UpHabit help you to build authentic relationships with the people you know. The app is very easily available on the Play Store in the Productivity category and you can install it on your device. As you open the app, you need to Sign Up by entering your email Id and password. Later on, the app. will get access to your contacts and email Id to make one common list.

In order to create a backup of your account, if it gets deleted for any reason, the app asks you to export the data to your Google account or anywhere else for backing up in the future. You can add contacts manually or by syncing with your account. It’s up to you only! However, the data on UpHabit is safe and it doesn’t hack your account or take your personal data for any malicious activities. They only organize your data properly and help your remember the important people in your life.

With UpHabit, you can set reminders about your contacts and snooze them also, so that you will never forget them! Moreover, you can make notes about the conversation with your contacts and search them later on when you want. It helps to organize your contacts and if you run a business, then it helps to improve your sales and manage your business as well. It helps to improve your professional and personal life and build a good network of people!

Overall, UpHabit is your trusted personal CRM and it’s all private to you! It’s a revolution is managing your contacts which links everyone’s social media profiles. I believe that a person needs to have great relationships in their life to become a better human and become proactive. So UpHabit is the best option for them! 

The UpHabit is a subscription based app and it’s also available for free, but with less features as compared to the pro and unlimited ones! 

So you can try the app and subscribe it according to your need! 

Pros: personal CRM; build authentic relationships; helps you personally as well as professionally; easy to use; brilliant app; free and subscriptions available.

Cons: none.

Worth Having app – Download the App