It’s been a long wait, but Google has finally revealed that the next iteration of Android will be called Marshmallow. As we wait for the shiny new toy to be released in Autumn, let’s remind ourselves of some of the most interesting features announced:

1. App permissions in MarshMallow

In Marshmallow, Google will finally let its users decide which Android permissions they want to allow by modifying them within the phone settings. Also, from now on, you will only be asked for permission when using a particular function of the app.

2. Android Pay

The new mobile payment service will let you use the near-field communication system to pay for your products. Google says the process is as simple as unlocking your phone and keeping in the vicinity of the NFC terminal. You don’t have to worry about sharing your actual card number with the retailers, as the payment is done by creating a virtual card number.

3. Fingerprint support

The new Android will have standardized fingerprint support. Other than unlocking the device with your digit, you will also be able to authorize a transaction on Android Pay, as well as make a purchase from Play Store.

4. Now on Tap

Google’s Virtual Assistant is also set to receive some major improvements. It will be able to understand context and have a conversation with you about anything running on your screen at any time. Apparently, it can also give a nice restaurant suggestion.

5. Doze

Marshmallow’s new power management system. Doze recognizes when the device is in rested state and conserves power by optimizing the background processes. After testing it with a Nexus 9, Google claims that the battery will last twice as long as the one on Android 5.0.

6. Custom Chrome Tabs

No longer will you have to switch to Chrome when an app wants you to see its online content – you can simply open a custom Chrome tab that will run on top of the app. These custom tabs will keep your saved passwords and auto-fill.