Usage of Smartphones and the internet have seen on a phenomenal rise in India ever since the advent of competitive pricing of phone data, thanks to Reliance Jio and this has worked wonders for social media platforms and application developers in general. While Indian viewership and user base for social media has skyrocketed, Indian users have also started downloading more apps through play stores and many app developers have come to the fore to provide more benefits to the public and reap profits on it.

Entertainment has always been the core hobby for the average Indian and scores of Entertainment apps available on the Google Play store and Apple Store have kept the Indian public indulged over the years.

But which entertainment apps come out on top to provide the complete entertainment package and reign supreme in the much-coveted and fierce Indian market? Let’s find out:

5.  Amazon Prime Video

Amazon introduced its streaming services in India in 2016 and has not looked back ever since. Although the beginning was marred by hiccups as the platform only catered to the audience by showcasing popular movies and tv shows that were already released, it soon gained momentum and is now regularly dishing out exclusive content for the Indian masses in the form of blockbuster shows and programs tailored for the average Indian. 

Amazon Prime Video also offers the latest blockbusters from Bollywood and Hollywood to its subscribers. 

Amazon has managed to outperform its rival video streaming platform- Netflix, by a good margin to come out as the 5th top free popular entertainment app in India. Its affordable pricing and great content is a plus for the e-commerce giant.

4. Nonolive

A relatively unknown name till last year, Nonolive has steadily gained ranks to climb the ladder to success and sit at a respectable 4th in this list of top free most popular entertainment apps in India.  The rise of Nonolive can be credited to the rising gaming scene in India with games like PUBG and Fortnite encouraging more players to live stream. The app lets people watch game live streaming and interact with game broadcasters in real-time. One can also participate in fun and interactive games like LeoVegas tombstone slots. Nonolive’s dynamic marketing and advertising coupled with influencer campaigns have also led to its massive increase in popularity. People can also watch live shows and do live mobile streaming from their devices. Nonolive also acts as a social media platform where people can engage in chatting, watching to even winning rewards and cash prizes.

3.  Jio TV

Since Jio has been a major driving force behind the internet revolution in India, one of its app scoring a top slot in the top free most popular entertainment apps list comes as no surprise. The Jio TV app offers one of the most interactive and complete catalogs of the most famous shows from India and sporting events around the world. The audience can catch the live sports action from major tournaments or simply enjoy their favorite tv shows anytime, anywhere for free. The Jio TV app transforms a smartphone into a handheld TV for the best viewer experience with an array of convenient features to help people stay connected and entertained at all times.

2. YouTube Kids

The fact that YouTube is the biggest and the most inexhaustible social media treasure trove of video content is no secret. It has something for everyone. YouTube has been around for more than a decade and caters to a wide variety of audience spread across 7 continents. With YouTube Kids, it has taken its accessibility up a notch by making it safer and simpler for children to explore the world through online video. This includes a wide content base from tv shows to music and even learning opportunities. There is also a whole suite of parental control so that adults can tailor the experience of their young ones with supervision. 

All this and much more make it a desirable app for young kids and parents around the nation seem happy to oblige by putting it at the second rank in the top free most popular entertainment apps list.

1. Hotstar

Hotstar sits snugly at the top of this list as the most penetrated over the top entertainment app in India. Hotstar is a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company and is packed with features which help to boost its popularity. But the main reason for its tantalizing appeal for the average Indian viewer is exclusive live streams of important events like the recently concluded Cricket World Cup. It also features the top-rated and most popular shows from around the world and provides content in over 17 languages.