Hide Master LogoIf you are sharing your Android phone with your friends, do you want them to freely access to your Gallery or SMS? Definitely not! Hide Master is designed and developed to fundamentally avoid this awkward situation by iFunBow. Hide Master creates two spaces in your phone and different pattern codes to open different modes: the Home Mode and Guest Mode. Home Mode is like a private garden for you to hide any secret here. And all the apps you hide will not show on Guest Mode. Shortly speaking, no one will notice you have something hidden unless they know your private pass code. But I bet that you will never let that happen since everyone needs a space that no one else can invade into, so as in your phone.

Hide Master is working perfectly in cases when your girlfriend/boyfriend attempts to pry into your Facebook or twitter. Or your kids want to play the games that you do not think are good for them. The idea is completely different with app lockers or screen lockers on the market, which we prefer to call “bright locks”, indicating the locks are public and obvious to others. Occasionally You have to tackle with being forced to unlock the apps, and most of time, you give up.

But, Hide Master is a “darling lock”. No one will know your little trick. Enjoy the feeling of being the sole proprietor of your little quirks.

In a word, Hide Master hides your secrets like nobody else does.

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