There is a group of people inside of Google who are experimenting with something new. What is this something new? They are trying to write Android apps in a whole new with a web programming language that is open-sourced. This special programming language is something that was developed by Google and it is called Google Dart. Google Dart was unveiled officially back in October of 2011 at a GOTO conference that was held in Aarthus, Denmark. Android apps are something that is usually written with Java. However, this time, Google Dart is being used to achieve this without the help of Java this time.

Google Dart is shaping up to be a major advancement for Google and the way that it writes Android apps. This Web development language of Google’s is something that is totally in-house and has great promise for the future of handling Android apps from a programming aspect. Google Dart is being used to make Android apps a whole lot more speedier and to be much more integrated with the Web in a very deep kind of way.

Google Dart can, and will, end up doing a whole for writing Android apps and so much more. This is because it is a programming language that is designed to be easy. It can be used to make it very simple to write development tools, to be suited in all the right ways for the development of modern apps, and also to be capable of carrying out implementations that are of high performance nature and quality.

Dart is something that was created by the members who do make up Chrome’s Version 8 JavaScript engine team. They came up with this whole new programming language because the team was simply getting very frustrated with some of the aspects of Java. JavaScript is a 20-year-old computer language and does have its kinks. Google Dart is an open-source experiment right now in time. However, developers do admit, it does have great potential and can compared to other forms of traditional types of computer language.

Google Dart also has a very strong influence on the Sky Web Dart Developer Summit 2015. This is because Google Dart is being used to communicate over Sky’s very own mobile space and platform. The Google Dart is part of the code that Sky Web uses to run the code for anything that is Android, iOS, or anything else that does contain Dart VM as part of it. Apps do work very much in the same way that websites perform. Websites do have an Android APK that can be bare-bones in description, but a good bit of the app is something, which is served over HTTP.

Android development can definitely benefit from the Sky Framework. This is because it has numerous Material Design widgets, which permits developers to use, and take full advantage of the action bars, touch effects, navigation panels, and anything else that will make the Android app all it should be. Sky apps are totally there, when it comes to having access to Android privileges fully, and also APIs. This is very much like any normal app. Sky is just an experiment at this moment in time, but it is very promising on all fronts, and this is due to Google Dart language that is making it the best communication platform possible.

You may interested in the demo App, the team built, which achieves rendering entire frames in 1.2ms. At this range, building app that could do 120FPS seems possible in near future.

Download Demo from Google Play