It is proved that motivation considered to be important life skill and so staying motivated became natural challenge. Moreover without motivation, you can’t achieve anything. Here are some best ways to stay motivated on never-ending project.

Better to Focus on small wins

You can give yourself one meaningful task a day, something you can find satisfaction in at day’s end.

Keep the project aligned with business goals

You can study the project schedule to see if the work finished and the tasks left to be done are consistent with the goals and deliverables as on projected on Day one.

You can replace components that are not exciting

If there’s a portion of your project that you know you’re on doubtful, check if you can rework it. Might you can use a fresher exciting framework for that part instead.

Invest some time off to share your project with the community

Sharing the progress of your project with the community and writing posts gets you ongoing support from the developer community. It will also help you to build a following for your project so that more people view it once project launched.

Follow these 5 important factors:

  • Embrace boredom as a sign of progress
  • You can split your project into parallelizable components and switch between them to keep things innovative
  • Qualitatively find alternatives to the boring bits
  • You must not rely on momentum
  • Better to share your progress with the community

Better to keep your team members challenged

You can pay attention to the mood of your team and check if you can distribute work items. It is also good to keep those live minds engaged by asking questions and delegating work that primarily challenges people in their roles and equipping them for the next level.

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