Google Identity Platform – Let the users sign in to your websites and apps without any irritation of repeated authentications. After the sign in of any user, it is possible to utilize the strength of Google’s services which is made available by using Google APIs in your exclusive websites and applications. It is possible to understand the best solution for your project by taking into consideration the following identity solutions –
1) Google Sign-In (Web, iOS, Android)- The fastest mode is possible by giving a smooth navigation across all the pages, once the sign in authentication is confirmed. This will help in the integration of all the Google’s services, on all the devices, into your mobile apps and websites. These pages include Gmail, Google+, Google Play and all the rest of the Google services.

2) Password Manager – Smart Lock is built into the Google account. This will be helpful in an auto sign into any of the Android app, thus removing the requisite to remember the password. This feature will be highly effective to fill the credentials on the websites that are viewed on Chrome.

3) By using only one API, it is very easy to integrate multiple identity contributors including Google sign-in into your mobile app or website with password rooted authentication.


What Are The Benefits Of Google Identity Platform – Smart Lock ?
1. One of the most highly secured method to avail the Google user services with any account (on Android and Chrome). Auto sign in across all the devices.
2. The actions that are required to be undertaken by your app users, will be seconded on Google Identity Platform.
3. Android Pay can be exclusively used (along with the contacts sharing) once the user Signs in!
4. An exclusive event can be added to the calender (as a remainder).
5. An unique authentication program which will help in the growth of the business by constructing the authentication module that will reduce the entry of the users into the application with less friction.
6. Once your password is saved in the Smart Lock, the lengthy procedure of entering personal credentials (in Android Devices and Chrome) will be automatically skipped.

Once you integrate the Smart Lock for passwords (Android apps) then it is possible to sign in automatically into any of your app by using the credentials that are saved. Even the username and password can be saved! You can combine the smart lock passwords into your apps (by using Credentials API) and save both, username and password credentials.