Evade Maze LogoEvade Maze is a game in which players have a simple objective: to keep on evading incoming space objects. However, there is a catch. As time passes by, more and more space objects (UFOs, rockets, meteors, etc.) keep on appearing. This makes it increasingly harder for the player to keep up with the action and creates the need for permanently moving the spaceship around. Everyone comes to the point where is overwhelmed by the incoming objects sooner or later. However, what everyone is required to do is try and get the highest score. It is ideal to play this game against 1 or more friends or family members.

Evade Maze: Free and easy to play

The game is small and can be downloaded with ease from the App Store. It features great cartoon-like effects, enticing sounds and a style which makes players continue and retry every time once the game is over.

Never ending gameplay

If you have played Flappy Bird before, then you know what a never ending game-play is. Virtually, Evade Maze is not structured on levels and continues going on forever. It also becomes more difficult as players survive for longer, since space objects continue to appear in a larger number than before. If a player survives for more than few minutes, it becomes to easy to notice that even 2 seconds spent in the same place become fatal.

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Fast-paced, good game for improving hand-to-eye coordination

Evade Maze is a perfect game for those who are into fast-paced titles. It becomes gradually more difficult as time flies by and it never gets boring thanks to the smooth animations and enticing sound effects. After a period spent in the game players will notice that it aids in improving hand-to-eye coordination and is simply great for killing those dead times.

High scores: Compete against the world

Thanks to worldwide high scores, players have an extra motivation to play this game. Once a session of gaming is finished, players can check others’ score online or share their own score across social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). This aspect entices more users to play and adds an extra reward for those are already in the competition.

All in all, Evade Maze is a great little game for those who enjoy fast-paced titles. The space around spaceship keeps filling constantly with new objects to be avoided, and this enough is a great motivation to keep on playing as planned by the makers. The game becomes even more challenging if 2 or 3 players compete on the same device.

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