Pickaxe LogoHave you ever been on an adventurous journey to some place? All you know is that you will be living a life on edge for the next few days but you are not sure what the very next moment brings to you. Let it be a research expedition to the Himalayas where you are right in the middle of a place far away from any sign of humanity. The warmth of the familiar faces of your group keeps you calm. You are in here for the herbs that will cure cancer. But before you can find that, there are far more interesting things that come across your way and that’s the best part. It is not always the result that matters, but the path you take. Well, we are not exactly in here for an educational expedition, but it certainly is as adventurous and thrilling. Lets check it out!

I am talking about the latest Android game called Pickaxe that has been developed by MCL Desenvolvimento LTDA. Pickaxe is a mining game where you have to keep mining until your fingers numb out. All you have to do is just keep tapping your fingers and go deeper and deeper into the rocks. But it is not just to test your fingers, but the actual purpose of this mining is even bigger than what Gold diggers die for. You will find some of the rarest and most exciting elements of this whole universe. So expect something that you cannot imagine or define exactly.

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It is obvious that the more power you put in, the more the damage will be. But lot depends upon your tool as well. If your pickaxe is not strong enough or has a blunt edge, how can you expect it to break the hardest materials in a single shot! As you dig deep into the stones, you will find coins and diamonds. You can use these coins to upgrade your tools. You can forge new tools using the resources such as Blacksmith and the more coins you have, the better is the Blacksmith to carve out more powerful tools. You can use these coins to upgrade your Perfect Forge Probability as well. There are many more upgrades available in the shop and they determine the distance you travel below the surface of Earth.

Pixel Art has been used to design the graphics for this game. Though it does not match the sharpness and High Definition finishing of the present age games, it’s a unique experience when you play such an adventurous game on an old platform. So in this case, the wine is new but the glasses are old and it tastes better this way.

The app is available for free in the App Store. However, there are some in-app purchases as well. So make sure you grab your piece of cake today!

Pros: Pixel Art Graphics; Addictive Gameplay; Discover new elements; Lots of upgrades; Free.

Cons: (none)

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