solidary_iconEver thought of an app that can help efficiently in facilitating different donations? This absolutely sounds amazing! Apparently, in our current society, there are different initiatives that can be undertaken to help the afflicted individuals, save the environment and even maintain a perfect co-existence between individuals and wildlife. Since the introduction of the Solidarity app, it has clearly played a significant role in facilitating initiatives and donations meant to bring change to the society. These include, protecting the rights of animals, promoting environment cleaning, assisting refugees in camps and helping regions affected by disasters.

How is this facilitated? Actually, each time the user tries to use one of the free apps found at Solidarity App platform, this offers an opportunity of a certain contribution of money being channeled to an initiative. The user is given a chance to choose the initiative where the small sum should be given out. It is also good to note that there is no money the user needs to issue out. All that is required is to play the games in Solidarity App or try apps for free!

How the Solidarity App operates

The user will discover that there are a few steps that need to be followed in order to fully complete the process of donation. First, the user needs to choose the game or app to try out. The next step involves selecting the type of initiative that one is willing to make a contribution to. The user will then be required to download a new app for free found at PlayStore and install it for use. Once the user has completed those few steps, the Solidarity App automatically initiates the donation offered on behalf of the user. It is as pretty simple as that!

Compatibility of the Solidarity App

This amazing app has been designed in a manner that it works effectively on high-performing devices. This is meant to ensure that its performance is continuous and unaltered. Thus, it is currently compatible with Android devices from version 4.0.3 or any latest version.

Features Found in Solidarity App

Here are some of the notable features that one will discover from the Solidarity App:

A chance to win a trophy or badge

The user of the free apps found at the Solidarity App can earn rewards such as badges and trophies each time one downloads a new one. Thus it is for the user to get more and more apps from the Solidarity App which can ultimately result to being crowned as the star volunteer.

Encourage friends to join the initiative

There is the sharing button where an individual can invite different friends to join in contributing different donations. This can play a significant role in improving the amount of donations that are issued to the afflicted parties. Besides, through consistent collaboration, this can make the contributions to get global attention.

Different initiatives to join

There are quite a number of initiatives that this great app has so far supported. They include:


This is an amazing initiative that highly assists in ensuring that the rights for the animals are safeguarded. This is meant to ensure that they co-exist with people with much ease.

SOS Dolphins

This great initiative that joins different international and local entities is mainly aimed at advocating for the dolphins and orcas which are being exposed to suffering due to being held in captivity.


Solidarity App has taken into concern the need to support this initiative that is technological in nature. It actually involves educational robots which highly help children found in refugee camps off Southern Turkey. The project being referred as Robot Café for Children is meant to raise funds to help such children in learning.

3D Mena

It is one of the inspiring projects which involve creation of 3D printed artificial limbs that can be used by amputees especially in war-prone country like Syria. The initiative also aims at assisting the physically-handicapped and those in rehabilitation centers.

Hippo Roller Water Project

The project focuses much on the need of creating an effective and lasting solution when it comes to water collection. It has actually enhanced creation of 90-liter containers that can be used by individuals in South Africa to get more water with much ease.


This is one amazing projects that is more prevalent in Greek. It actually involves cleaning of the coastal region through Up-Cycling of waste products ( using boats and lifejackets from refugees). Besides, it goes further to assist locals and refugees who have come to the country via the sea.

There are more initiatives that the user should expect in the near future from the Solidarity App. The app is planning to include initiatives like McDonald House Charities and the UN Refugee Agency among others.

Below are the Pros and cons that have been noted from the Solidarity App:


  • Easy to setup and use for donation
  • Rewards like being acknowledged as star volunteer is quite encouraging
  • One gets a chance to support favorite initiatives
  • A chance to share with friends for them to join the initiative
  • Donation doesn’t have to be money; just by trying out a free app


  • It is not covering entirely all major initiatives around the world to chose from
  • Mild in performance due to bugs


It is clear that Solidarity App outlines that supporting an initiative through donations does not necessarily involves channeling out funds. This can be achieved by trying some of their new apps for free and support initiatives that one prefers. With such a unique approach, an individual stands a chance of making the world a better place through boosting an initiative. It is time to get this app for free at Google Play and get started now!

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