tangramAs the title suggest, this Android browser is made with keeping in mind the users convenience and productivity. This Android app is made as user friendly as possible with simple interface. Don’t be fool by simple interface because its filled with rich features like re-imagined tabs, swiped based interface, editing and highlighting onto your tab and so on. Overall making the web browsing a pure pleasure on this app. Its so efficient as a mobile browser that your productivity is bound to improve a lot. This is made possible because the creators built this browser from ground up keeping in mind the mobile users. Which is why its so much better than other browsers. Sure there are lots of quality mobile browsers in the app market. But most of these popular browsers are duplicated to small screen browser from their PC counterpart and ported to mobile devices.

Which makes it pretty frustrating sometimes with the way few features in these ported apps are not at all user friendly. Whereas Tangram’s browser takes full advantage of mobile device capabilities making it true and authentic mobile browser. Anyone can use it. Whether its someone who use browser for quick look. Or professionals who does most of their work on their smartphone. This browser saves time and wasted effort leading to wonderful browsing experience. Its fast, powerful, easy to navigate and efficient which in turn enhance your smartphone productivity. Browse on your mobile the way it was supposed to be with this mobile browser. Tangram browser is the work of Lateral SV Inc. You can download the latest version of the app from Google Play Store for your Android smartphone. Plus its for completely free.

Description of Tangram: The Tangram browser has some really nice features from bookmarking to swipe based interface to editing on tab. It also has re-imagined tabs, which organizes into different sessions and these sessions can be move, organize or save. And each tab represents individual group and pieces. With the help of some inbuilt tools you can edit, analyze or save parts of information an any webpage. Plus the browser allows allocation, moving, organizing or saving of an entire session. Which you can check at later time. The session and bookmark saving is completely different from just saving link. The browser seeks, processes, analysis, allocates and store. Seek: browse without losing speed, progress with no wasted action.

Process: The browser does a wonderful job of processing website making it wonderful experience

Analysis: you can use the inbuilt tools to edit, save, analyze or highlight the content of the webpage with ease.

Allocate: Tangram’s architecture provides the users with option to move, send and organize webpage with few easy swipe actions.

Store: Tangram’s browser allows user to save their sessions into folder for later use.

Features include:

  • Bookmarks as much as you want
  • Browse without worrying about screen size
  • Information centralized in one place
  • Re-imagined Tabs.
  • Swipe based interface
  • Access webpages without worrying about losing progress
  • Highlight, capture, save and edit onto your tabs
  • Search and browse efficiently

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In conclusion, if you are looking for a mobile browser made especially for smartphones users, your search ends with Tangram.

Download from Google Play