vaultA Perfect and Efficient App For Data Protection Through Encryption

It is apparent that almost everyone is concerned about the safety of their personal data and files. Whether it is the media files in the iPad or personal contacts and logins in the iPhone, there is need to ensure that they have been protected against intruders. One of the effective ways known to highly facilitate in boosting the security of personal data is through getting a highly-designed protection app. Interestingly, PIN Genie Vault has proven to be an all-time number one app when it comes to protecting the confidentiality of information on the phone. An individual gets a chance to store different files, videos and photos in an encrypted platform where it can only be accessed by the person. For now, it is available in Traditional Chinese, English and Simplified Chinese.

The operation of PIN Genie Vault

Apparently, this app has been designed in a unique manner that makes it incomparable to others. Actually, it supports perfect encryption of different files and even proceeds to ensure that they have been stored on the iCloud. In order to ensure that such files remain secure, the PIN Genie Vault applies a revolutionary security system which involves the use of AES 256 algorithm. This feature is quite effective in a manner that it ensures the four-digit PIN cannot be altered.

Besides, the search history performed by the user is highly protected from third party thus assuring one’s privacy is checked. Other components that are protected include security notes, IDs, secret bookmarks, locations and even contacts. For those using iOS, the Touchld feature is also applicable in this app.

Another interesting component that has been integrated in this app includes the ability to share different files through the virtual vault. This process happens when the data still remains encrypted between the two parties. The modes of file transfer supported include the use of webchat, email and dropbox and other secured channels.

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Suitable Devices for PIN Genie Vault

Compatible devices for the user include iPad, Apple Watch, iPod Touch and iPhone. For iOS, user will be required to install iOS 8.0 or any latest version for this app to work effectively.

Below are the Exceptional Features of the PIN Genie Vault one will come across:

Catch the Intruders with Ease

Apparently, this great app has the ability of tracking down intruders who try to access the phone. It simply captures the photos of an intruder each time an incorrect password is entered on the phone. Such photo is stored in the phone where the owner can easily identify who tried to access the phone.

Perfect encryption during sharing

When using this app, the user will identify that there is a secure end-to-end encryption supported when two parties are sharing different files. Such files can only be access once the code has been decrypted. The parties can opt to use customized passcode when sharing different files through different means.

Different file formats supported

There is a wide range of different files that can be encrypted by this app to make them safe from access by intruders. Some of the main file formats include personal notes, videos, photos, important contacts, logins and much more. Interestingly, with the aid of Apple watch, one can easily access such files and review them.

Greatly patented PIN

This app has adopted Patented PIN Pad Technology which supports PIN that is highly secured and quite impenetrable. Once the PIN has been set, the user can always have peace of mind since absolute security is guaranteed. With the application of algorithm feature, this becomes even complicated for the intruder to access to it. The user can also opt to use Decoy passcode when in urgent need to access the files.

Infinite private browsing

A chance to browse with the knowledge that one is safe and secure from any kind of monitoring sounds interesting. This great app ensures that the user is free from surveillance and thus easily access to personal data or confidential information with peace of mind.

Check below for the Pros and Cons of the PIN Genie Vault:


  • Works great with consistency
  • No more snooping from intruders
  • Security of personal data is completely assured
  • Amazing graphic effects and themes
  • Great user interface platform


  • Mild performance if not updated
  • Prone to risk if password not uniquely set


Clearly speaking, PIN Genie Vault app has proven to be exceptional when it comes to storage of data in the most secure manner. The presence of Patented Pin Pad Technology assures the user of high level password code thus keeping all the confidential information away from the intruders. Indeed, this version 1.04 app is worth downloading and a clear proof of guaranteed security for the phone. Get it today at App Store!

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