pacer_app_iconIn this modern day and age, we have an instant tea; instant coffee and everything online so why not a fitness device at your home which is totally free to use.In today’s busy world, people want an escape, but they don’t have time to join a gym or consult a fitness trainer for staying fit and active.
To be very Frank, I’m an obese person, and I’m not completely fit too. Therefore, I decided to join a gym, but due to time stiffness and to make a balance between home and office, it was impossible for me to take out some more time from my schedule. It was such a bad luck for me. However, nothing is beyond the bounds of possibility for anyone as the perfect solution has reached the market.No gymnastics, no trainer required. You are having your coach near you in your palms.

’Pacer’ is an iOS app developed by Pacer Health, Inc.The pacer is by far the least expensive in my test; Provided you already have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, this app is free. It requires iOS 7.0 or later. You will be provided with upgrade opportunities, which are paid but otherwise there are no strings attached. This is an easy choice at such an inexpensive price.This excellent app collects data that remain attached to you even if you mobile phone gets left on desk or at kitchen counters. It doesn’t require any login, simply download the app from iTunes store and keep going. It outlines how many steps you have taken a day by displaying simple, large numbers. A few simple fitness planning tools are included with this app as well as fields to record body weight and BMI(body mass index).It records the number of calories burnt and checks the distance covered in how much time.

This app is a very easy, well-designed and simple interface. This is a pretty cool app with lots of great features such as its graphics are very expressive. You can use GPS to track your outdoor running and walking on Google Maps. You can connect with your friends and families by creating walking groups to compare routine steps in real time. It offer’s great plans and daily goals for yourself. You can challenge a friend also.

It is better than other apps due to its inclusive activity tracking on your iPhone.Before you spend on an expensive wearable device try pacer first. Hiring a trainer or joining a gym will certainly cost you money in this world, whether ‘real’ or ‘virtual’.

In a nutshell, I want to say that it is a brilliant platform for those who want to loose weight and get fit. So be active, feel awesome. Achieve your goals, share them and see your improvements. Support and motivate others also. Take the more steps in a day to win. Build healthy habits and give your exercise a boost.Pick your plans and get started.

This app is synchronised with MyFitnessPal. It synchronizes your data to Apple health app.

Note:Make sure that your phone is on otherwise it will not do its job.
PROS: Track steps, whether your phone is in your pocket or in a purse, automatic backup’s data, no hardware required.

CONS:Decreases battery life.

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