planet_matrixA game that captures the surrounding of the space can create a great feeling of a world of fantasy. The experience is absolutely going to be fascinating especially as the player moves around the space. Interestingly, Planet Matrix game has brought that amazing moment to the player in a unique way. The game introduces Monkey Fourier, the main character, who has just left the normal adventures of the world and has ultimately launched into the great space. He is committed to undertake a full mission at the Planet Matrix. Will he make it through? Thus, it is up for the user to ensure that Monkey Fourier has completed the puzzles and levels present in order to stay alive. Clearly, the game comes with an exciting experience; the combination of unique graphics and themes is exceptional making the game absolutely great!

How the Planet Matrix game works

The entire operation of this app game is quite easy though the player needs to give the best skills in order to proceed to the next level. The user will discover that this game contains mathematical techniques that require brain thinking thus the player needs to highly practice on such skills. Interestingly, the game has been designed in a way that different age groups can enjoy the game and get the best entertainment out of it. During the game, there are different challenging levels that the Monkey Fourier encounters. The player is required to assist him to ensure that he successfully completes the mission. Interestingly, there are scores which are gained from the game that can really make the game fun and exciting.

Compatibility of the Planet Matrix game

Clearly, this great app game has displayed amazing performance which makes it to require a great device in order to continuously meet the expected standards. Thus, it can perfectly work on devices such as iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. On the other hand, the user will need to possess iOS 6.0 or new version available.

Below are some of the distinct features of the Planet Matrix game:

Challenging puzzles to tackle

The game offers a unique combination of puzzles which continue to become much challenging as the game continues to advance to higher levels. Actually, the combination of colors continue to become complex at higher levels thus the player needs to put much focus in order to solve the puzzle correctly.

Amazing terrestrial display at the background

The entire classic design applied on the theme and the background is absolutely phenomenal and captivating. This is actually due to the fact that the concept that Planet Matrix game has adopted is quite unique and the environment is made of space. Thus, the varied background displayed perfectly matches the entire game theme thus giving it a perfect appearance.

Share scores with friends and family

The player can get the chance to give the best performance and get amazing scores in this great game. Besides, one can proceed to share scores with friends and family through different social sites. On the other hand, one can also receive different scores from others for comparison and this can be a great motivation to performance improvement. This can also boosts skills of players after learning from others.

Fantastic and quality sounds

One of the major features integrated in the Planet Matrix game is the quality sound emanating from the background music. The developers have been keen to ensure that the music is well tailored to the theme of the game. This also ensures that the player will get the best lively experience during the gameplay while being entertained by the soothing song.

Great puzzler for everyone!

Regardless of the age of the player, Planet Matrix game has been designed to give full entertainment to the player. This implies that even the small kids can try out different levels and solve puzzles. This can help boost their skills especially in counting and in mental thinking. Generally, this is a game worth trying for an ardent player ready to get an unstoppable experience!

Check below for the Pros and Cons of the Planet Matrix game:


  • Perfect gaming experience ever
  • The levels are numerous and mind-blowing
  • The terrestrial background creates perfect space environment
  • A chance to share makes it really sociable!
  • Can be easily played by anyone


  • Slowdown in performance
  • Some levels are slightly challenging to novice learners

Final Verdict

Planet Matrix app game has come out as a unique game that has taken into account an amazing space environment. Monkey Fourier is on a mission (to Planet Matrix) that requires great skills in order to be fully accomplished. Clearly, the entire setup and the puzzles applied in the game give it an amazing outlook that makes the player have a great enthusiasm to play it. Why not try it today? It is actually available for free download at App Store. Don’t miss out!

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