Never neglect taking your medicines yet again! It is easy to remember now!

Tracking your health, sharing tasks, analyzing medical reports and taking care of your family- it is so much easier with to track down every concern of yours in just one app “Tobi: Collaborative Caregiving”. This is an active app works as a tool for its users to track down wellness, fitness and health of family and friends.

Tobi makes supervision of your health both fun and easy. The app is easy to use and helpful at every step. It is convenient to track down the health of the person you care in your family or friends, clients or patients. Whether it is maintaining the track of those significant and essential statistics to formulate assurance under control, or taking your medication prescription on a regular basis and reporting to your physician, Tobi is now here to facilitate you to maintain track of individuals’ every day assessment as you strive to live healthier.

Tobi is furthermore an ultimate collaborative family and friends care giving solution. The app is intended as a vibrant yet effortless to identify the caregiver representation within the app. Tobi helps you to ensure the care of your loved ones by connecting with your chosen caregivers. You can also connect with wellness instructors, health care professionals in real time information for your every day health activities, assistance and support all the while.

Tobi is beneficial for anyone and everyone at every step. Here are some of the most amazing benefits for you:

Organize: You can always view all your important health care information and track them down under one app. The app lets you enjoy every detail of your health in one location.

Manage: You can always manage your health data and records by setting reminders which will be a great help to record and track your prescribed medication and upcoming appointments.

Monitor: Caring for our loved ones and caring for their vital health is easier with Tobi as it helps you in keeping the track of your family and friend’s crucial health vitals under one location.

Connect: Recording and tracking our health progress is equally important which means can be done easily by collaborating with professionals to monitor your health progress.

Calendar: It is always easier to mark important appointments and refilling the upcoming dates for important requirements with the inbuilt calendar in Tobi.

Tracker: The tracker in Tobi helps you monitor and track important vitals of your health along with the progress time to time that includes sleep, weight and blood pressure just to name a few.

Privacy: Privacy is always important for everyone; Tobi ensures complete privacy of your data and keeps it secure and private.

There are times when people are concerned about their loved one’s well being and care, may be a friend, relative, doctor, caregiver, long distant relative or a partner – Tobi is always in your phone to make sure they are safe and healthy. You can always benefit from the updates by monitoring your loved one’s health progress. This means you can always be a great caregiver for everyone you care for as equally as yourself and set healthy limitations to make sure everyone around is healthy and cared equally. You can always shower love and care by tracking their

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