Hey! Are you curious to know about your fortune? Then a cute cat may help you for the same. You can meet this cat at AR Maneki Neko application. The main concept of this application is all about the prediction of fortune. You might hear about Maneki Neko which is often considered as bringing a good luck in Japan.

Initially, you will see a box on the screen. When you will tap on that box a cat will come out for your own personal fortune. This will predict the chance of hopes coming true regarding finding a good match, good health, and life. Also mind it that each day, this cat will give you a magic coin. You need to collect all of them in order to redeem resulting fortune to be good. Moreover, you can take your cute cat where ever you go.

Attributes of this app:

There are also various accessories which are available. The app is supporting two languages i.e. English and French.  One of the wonderful features is Augmented Reality that means you can put the cat into the camera to feel the experience of the real world.

You can buy accessories through shop option. Additionally, you can share it with your near or dear one as this platform highly supports the integration with social media. This will give you quite interesting features.

AR Maneki Neko is a nice for fortune prediction. It’s easy to understand and accessing as well. From my point of view it’s really user friendly and helpful app.

Summary: AR Maneki Neko is a fortune predicting app with a cute cat. Predict your fortune with this cute little cat.

  • Features: 3.5
  • Graphics: 3.5
  • Usability: 4
  • Accessibility: 3.5

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