The ADSS Trading App is an android app made by ADS Securities LLC (“ADSS”), a regulated financial services company that provides the best investment opportunities to all kinds of clients, whether retail, private, or institutional. The ADSS headquarters is in Abu Dhabi, the financial services company has offices in Hong Kong and London. The services provided by ADSS include trading services, capital markets services, and asset management services. As part of the many high-end services and solutions provided to clients, ADSS provides desktop and mobile app trading platform for Forex and CFD trading using various currencies.

The ADSS Android App

As an experienced trader or a new trader, the app is an excellent platform to monitor your assets and do your trading on the go. ADSS, through its app, offers low-cost CFD trading using their OREX trading platform. The mobile trading app is designed in an intuitive and simple-to-use way to ensure that it is user-friendly for traders, regardless of their level of trading experience.

•Downloading and Installing the App
The ADSS Android App can be found downloaded free of charge on the Android PlayStore. The app is easy to download and install on all Android devices, whether smartphones or tablets. The app has an awesome user interface that is easy to use and navigate. Upon downloading the android app, there are three options for the user on the Main Login page; Test Drive, Join Now, and My Account.

•Test Drive
The Test Drive feature allows the user get a feel of the way the app works, just like a test drive in a car feels. The user is able to monitor watchlists, learn the intricacies of the app by knowing how to swipe the screen to sell or buy, view portfolios to know positions, working orders and ended orders, read financial market news on various topics such as energy, natural resources, telecom and media, technology, Europe and Middle East, retail, consumer products, real estate, automobiles, and transportation. The Test Drive also features Calendars, Videos, Reports, Social media buttons, Legal Information, and many more.

•Join Now
The Join Now option of the main login page allows traders that are new to the ADSS OREX trading platform create an account with ease so that they can make deposits of funds and begin trading across the various financial assets and markets within minutes. The account creation features allow the trader choose between creating a Live Account and a Demo Account using details such as their name, country of residence, and phone number. Optional account creation features include using the client’s Facebook account, LinkedIn account, Google account or WeChat account. The registration process requires the use of Google Location services to be able to offer the best financial services that are customized for each client.

•My Account
Traders already registered on the ADSS ORE trading platform simply login in to their accounts and begin trading in minutes with their user names and password.

Benefits of the ADSS Trading App

Using the trading app allows traders monitor markets, check open positions, place trades, manage funds and orders anywhere they are, and at any time. This access allows traders make the market work for them (e.g. through Live Share Prices) any time without hassle since the market is on their fingertips.

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