hexa_app_iconHexa Dots is a fun color matching game in which you have to align 4 little dots of the same color, and once you have the 4 colored dots lined up, they will disappear from the game board. That is the easy part, but every time you make a move you will see 4 new dots appear. 

 Since each move brings new dots to the game, it is important to try to eliminate them in the least amount of moves. You will have many times where the dots that you need will get blocked from the area you need to move them to. Strategy is key to beating each level, so even though it is a simple game, it is not always an easy game. 

 As you progress further along into the game you will be unlocking levels all the way up to the 100th level. You should be forewarned that the higher the level number, the harder it will be.

 Hexa Dots is a free app through the first 100 levels, but it does have in app purchases for removing ads, buying coins, and more. You do earn coins as you progress through the game, and coins will buy power ups or different types of bonus packs.

 Throughout the game you will earn power ups, and they can be a huge asset in helping clear the dots. Some types of power ups are being able to target just one specific dot to blow it up, switching colors of two dots that are next to each other,, or you can change the color of one specific dot. Another power up, which is my favorite, is the bomb. When you use the bomb you can destroy all the the dots that surround a specific dot of your choosing.

 The user experience is top notch, and the controls are very smooth whether you are using an iPhone or an iPad. All of the setting and game options are a click away, and since the app is setup so nicely you will find whatever you need without having to be Sherlock Holmes. You will have to think strategically while playing the game, but to get started and adjust settings to your liking it is quick and easy.

 Another nice feature with Hexa Dots is that it is available in many languages, including Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and and Italian! I live in a bilingual house so this is a very important feature for me since multiple people in the house play on the family iPad.

 My family and I all highly recommend this app, it is good, family fun that can keep you busy for hours. We have played all kinds of different color matching games in recent years, but this one is all of our favorite out of all of them. You can tell that the developers spent a lot of time creating this game, and you will see this the first time you open the app.

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