Pronto! is a social media app which confides secret messages, videos and photos. It is a first ever app to have so many features different to the other commonly used apps such as snapchat or instastory. Pronto! gives you options to show your message for 5 or 10 or 24 hours to your contacts. It creates disappearing messaging which you can send you your friends on any media like whatsapp, facebook messenger, email, imessage etc. When you select an option to send the picture or message, it generates a link which you can forward to any of your contacts on any of the above mentioned media and they will receive the same link in their message box. You get to choose between whether you want to get your message or photo screenshot or not. Because Pronto! is first of its kind to provide this feature of preventing the message from taking screenshots by giving the lock facility.

Pronto! messages are encrypted so that only the recipient can read them and it’s in your hands how quickly you want to get that message to self-destruct because you have the option to set the timer. Unlike text messages, Pronto! messages do not take any space in the storage or icloud because they do not stay long. The recipient just reads the message and then the messages is self destructed, no need to store and put unnecessary burden on the storage device.


Now, you have sent the message to a wrong person. What would you do except to pray that maybe he/she wouldn’t read it or just ignore it? But Pronto! got you covered here with an excellent feature of message recall. Yes, you can recall the message whenever to whosoever you have sent it.

Pronto! has got so many cool filters to choose from. You can change the colour of the background, the quality of the picture, can add any texts in number of colours to choose from, can draw on the picture, can use emoticons and so many interesting filters to look the picture edgy and cool at the same time.

You also have the option of saving the picture in your gallery, with or without filters; it’s an individual’s choice.

One amazing feature on Pronto! is that it is HIPAA compliant which stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability. It is used to protect patient-sensitive data. Now Pronto! can be an app designed for doctors to share their patients reports with the fellow doctors or the patient’s family with utmost security and safety.

Overall, a smart app to use, Pronto! has various limitations. It is not a whole app. Sometimes, you send an important message which needs to be saved. But the self destructive nature and Screenshot Prevention Mechanism can prevent doing so. Secondly, the data is not stored anywhere, so the retrieval is not possible which can lead to people taking advantage of the same. Although, the app designers have taken various measures to keep the app safe and secured, but still it is vulnerable to the hacking world. But all in all, it has number of amazing feature which are seen nowhere else on the social media. So, keep sending secrets and spreading smiles with Pronto!

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