NocNock is a new age, fun app that facilitates better communication between people and hence, helps to build better relationships. Recently released in the App Store and Google Play Store, NocNock App is the first social app which helps assess personalities, provide user-centric insights and helps users build trusted relationships. 

Everyone is curious, sometime or the other, to know more about their own as well as their near and dear ones’ personality traits. Imagine being able to assess personalities just by using your phone! NocNock app gives you the freedom to do just that! It uses valid statistical assessment tests to enable users to understand more about the hard-wired personality traits of their family, friends and colleagues.

This app has created quite a stir by enabling its users to communicate better in the workplace, homes, schools, etc. Hence, it is being widely used by teachers, coaches, sales personals and even family members to understand their wards better and devise different ways to communicate with them.

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NocNock app review

  • This app is free to use and enables easy chatting with random people, anytime, anywhere.
  • It uses device Bluetooth or Wi-Fi only for communication. No Internet, registration or servers are involved.
  • It facilitates one-to-one connections with random people. Of course, the other person also needs to install the app in his/her own device.
  • The personality assessment tests are easy and the reports are absolutely free to access.
  • The UI is user-friendly and fun. It is easily navigable, too.
  • The app provides unparalleled access to all the recent data, just at the touch of a button.
  • It has provisions for certifications, and training materials can be accessed through purchase.

NocNock app usage review

  • Bringing in a state of the art concept of mobile personality assessment, NocNock app has bridged the gap between random people by conveniently connecting them at all times.
  • It enables direct profile comparison between people, hereby, facilitating self-improvement.
  • This app provides in-depth assessment of self, which in turn helps to solve any inner conflicts, betters communication skills and encourages self-success.
  • Family members can use this app to know more about each other’s individuality. It thus helps improve communication, solve disputes and have harmonious relationships.
  • It also helps shift the workplace dynamics by helping managers to assess team members better and know their requirements, temperaments and working style. This, in turn, ensures a healthy work environment and lesser interpersonal conflicts. Employees are able to have better work-life balance.
  • This app can help sales professionals to understand their customers more and hence, work towards a strategy that sells better.
  • NocNock app enables collaboration with multiple users at once. This, in turn, helps to understand psychological blind spots in different people and effect communication accordingly.
  • Teachers and coaches can use this app effectively to design training modules suited to different students’ needs and also effect counselling, where required.
  • The certifications and other training materials, which can be purchased, hassle-free from the app, can be used in various educational training, coaching and team building activities.

In this age of major inner and outer conflicts affecting people of all kinds, here is an app that attempts to bring people closer and close the gap of communication by giving true insights about individuals and their personalities. NocNock app deserves full points in this regard!


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