Defense zone 3 is one of the popular game on the android market. It is a fun strategy game. The point of the game is to reinforce your headquarters to make it as strong as possible, as wave after wave of enemies swarm in and attempt to overtake your defenses. The more impenetrable you make your defenses; the easier it is to stop the incoming armies from invading. This fast paced game requires a lot of decision making and planning if you want to win. This is a unique feature found in the Defense zone games.

 This new chapter of the franchise includes some of the favorite defenses found in earlier versions of the game, like turrets and rocket launchers. Defense Zone 3 has added some special new weapons that are extremely powerful. They include special attacks such as air strikes or nuclear bombs which clear the playing field of enemies. The newly designed turrets give you the ability to control how they move, so you can guard the base more efficiently. It also allows you to target specific enemies. This is a very effective and useful addition.


The game features four levels of difficulty. It has eight different kinds of turrets available for you to select from. There are also eight really fun special abilities. The backgrounds have a lot of variety and they are visually stunning. The app can also support over 20 languages.


  • All new weapons.
  • New landscapes to explore.
  • Many options to explore and use.
  • The core of the game remained the same, so users of other versions of this game will appreciate the familiarity of enormous armies of enemies rushing your defenses and trying to overtake them by any means necessary.
  • Enemies are stronger and harder to destroy.
  • You get to decide what upgrades to add to your defenses because you are in control of your budget.
  • Different turrets are available that have different ranges of attack, various firing speeds and different types of damage they can inflict.
  • Very detailed and well thought out map designs.
  • The graphics are well done and the game is visually stunning.
  • The game is well balanced and is very challenging; you never get bored.


  • The game is difficult and some people may not be able to play it.
  • There are a lot of complicated decisions you need to make to be successful at this game.
  • This game would be much too difficult for young players to play.
  • Too many options for some people.
  • You must be able to understand how to read the stats of your weapons in order to choose the correct one and place them in the correct locations in order to be successful in your battle; this may be difficult for some people to figure out.


This is a beautifully designed new android app that you can download for free. The backgrounds are stunning the weapons are new and powerful, the turrets have been upgraded and this version of the game is even more amazing than the first two releases. This is a must have game for anyone that loves combat strategy. It is challenging so do not expect to just go through this game quickly with no difficulties.

 The game is free to download it on Google play today. It’s free, give it a try. You might really like it. It is a really fun combat/strategy game that will really give the brain a workout.

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