With an advent of social media, people are getting choosy about selecting best quality camera phones. Not only that, people need a camera that can reveal their life’s journey accurately. Apple Inc. have been #1 in the market when it comes to camera quality. There are several apps launched in iTunes to make the photography venture for iPhones, iPads and iPod touch a fun filled experience. In this article, we are going review one of the evolving camera app called Camera RX. I have been using this application from quiet some time. This app felicitates hassle free camera operations with handsome features loaded in it. Let us discuss the pros, cons and finally the verdict.

  • You can easily click pictures, by tapping anywhere on the screen, so you do not need to focus on that one round button meant to click snaps, otherwise.
  • Usually, we expect some sound, and a few milliseconds of wait time, soon after we grab a snap. But not in this case there is no shutter sound and the app barely makes you wait after you’ve captured your moment.
  • The editing options are all lined up at the bottom of the screen, so you have plentiful area to view your image.
  • Talking about the editing options, there are some of the best options available. For instance, Adobe Creative Cloud will help you to correct your image, and add beautiful filters, for image enhancement.
  • You can allow it to add location information on the image.
  • You can secure your image’s exif information.
  • I loved the anti-shake correction functionality – which is a downside for most camera phones.
  • The grid display will help taking images more accurately, along with spirit level function to get the snaps in landscape and portrait frame.
  • Talking about the video recording, it has adjustable aspect or frame ratio functionality, which decides the video size.
  • It works very well with dual, telescopic and wide angle lenses.
  • All the other basic features are covered i.e. manual functions like focus, exposure, white balance etc.
  • It costs only $2.99, comparatively cheap than other camera apps.


  • You need iOS 10.2 or the later versions to run this app. I had to upgrade my iOS before I could use this app.
  • Only two languages are supported – English and Japanese. This might be an issue for other users, unfamiliar with these languages.
  • It consumes almost 37MB of space – which is a bit more for a simple application like camera.
  • Though it is an iPhone app, this is unavailable for prestigious platforms like Android.
  • The user ratings and reviews are not displayed on the itunes app page, which makes it difficult for a layman to decide if he or she really would like to download this app.

Final Verdict
I have been using this app flawlessly from the past couple of months. If app size is not a concern, you should definitely go for this app, as the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The cons are all pretty manageable and would not become a roadblock, if camera and photography is your passion. This is a Japanese manufacturer called Nutractor, which also has many other powerful apps like Key 3D cubic puzzle, Airplane HTML mail sender, Color picker etc.. rated above 4+, and I am sure that soon, this app will also be trending in the market, overtime.

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