Managing your daily activities & events just got easier. All of us need an effective way to ensure that the events for the week, month and year are completed without any delays. These days with the use of a smart phone and an excellent app like the file calendar managing activities just got better and fun. The easy to use graphic intuitive interface let’s you add any event quickly & the user friendly features just make the entire app so much more worth it.


The FileCalendar is user-friendly and helps people create events easily with just a few clicks. It works directly with your iPhone and iPad file calendars and other apps. It provides a great value for anyone who is particular about completing the day to day events/activities without any delays. This app let’s you store your files directly on your device on which calendar events were created. The interface is user-friendly and extremely intuitive. Any editing or adjustments will be automatically synchronized with the respective device/s.

User Experience:

This app is designed keeping one thing as the top priority – A better user experience. An easy to use app with one click features to make the user experience as simple and effective as possible. This app is receiving good reviews concerning especially the user experience. The simplicity of this app is one of the major advantages. Anyone can easily use this app without any prior knowledge. Everything is self explanatory and tasks can be accomplished by the click of a button. Menu is aptly placed and one click features are a child’s play.

User Interface: 

This application is designed for iOS users (both iPhone and IPad). It has very nice and simple features, placed strategically giving user-friendliness utmost importance. The one click easy to add and edit option is so much better in this app compared to any other app. Close to 20 files and contacts can be attached to contacts and events and this is done very smoothly and without any lag time.

In the world of never ending apps, FileCalendar seems to provide a good value to the end user. It’s quick to install and use and the incredible features helps you manage your events super easily. You will never miss out an important event if you are using this file calendar. Try it out. It’s definitely worth it.

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