Are you a businessman who wants to promote and sell products through online marketing campaigns? Before, you set an online marketing campaign you need to know about your customers. There are several modes of campaign and you must know about the mode which brought the customers to your website. Basically, What I mean to say is that you should know about the modes of the campaign that leads to the traffic on your website. Why the customers open your website, which source has brought them here, etc. It may be anything that redirected them to your website, such as a web page, an advertisement, a tweet, an email, a newsletter, etc. By knowing the campaign mode, you can make your business more effective and efficient and bring more customers to it. But how is it possible?

UTM Generator is the only solution to track and analyse where all the traffic for your website is coming from. UTM means Urchin Tracking Module, a code that can be added to any URL that helps track advertising campaigns in Google Analytics. If you know which traffic source is most effective and efficient, you can optimize and adjust your  marketing strategy on an ongoing basis. So UTM generator helps you generate your personal UTM tracking link to trace the traffic.

To begin with UTM generator, you need to Login to your Google Analytics Account and follow the menu. As you want to know about the campaign mode which leads to traffic to your website, so you need to go to the menu bar and follow- Traffics then go under sources and search for campaigns. You can click on the campaigns and view campaign specific information, such as campaign source, campaign medium etc.

This UTM generator is used to create your UTM tracking links. When you start online marketing campaigns, the customers get attracted towards your product from these campaigns. It can be an email, newsletter, ad, etc. If you don’t add UTM to your URL, you won’t be able to track the campaign modes and you cannot find out what exactly is going on and from where the traffic is coming. So it’s better to use a UTM generator and trace the sources of your traffic.

It’s very easy to add UTM parameters to your campaign urls and you are only required to fill the form which is available for free on the website having following parameters such as: website url, campaign source, campaign medium, campaign name, campaign term and campaign content. All of these parameters are explained on the website. By filling up the above information, you can generate your personal UTM tracking code/link with this free UTM generator.

Overall, I would say that if you want to grow your business and reach new heights in online marketing campaigns, use a UTM generator now and track where the traffic is coming and focus on that only!

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Pros: best UTM generator app; help you track the campaign modes in online marketing; easy to use; effective and efficient tool; free to use.

Cons: none.

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