Nowadays, most of us deal with so many activities, tasks, projects, etc. at a time. There is a huge database in our mind as well and a list of those tasks and projects. But, can our mind store enough tasks and organize them? It might be possible, but it can’t be organized and can’t be remembered as well. It’s better to outline those tasks and projects physically and keep track of the important stuff in your life by using some tools. We have tools for everything such as messaging, talking, socializing, organizing, and many more other tasks. So, we should also have a tool for outlining tasks and projects in our app’s list! Suru is the best app for organizing your life. From tasks to important projects, this will help you organize all the important areas of your life! It’s just like a sticky note which is highlighted by any important task and reminds you about that!

This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch having iOS 11.0 or later versions and MacOS 10.12 as well! It has been offered by the Esoteric development. The app is available in many languages such as English, Chinese, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.

Suru is an easy to understand and easy-to-use app which helps you organize all your tasks and projects. It helps to create and edit organized task lists broken down into sub-tasks. You can create beautiful outlines, mind maps and tasks or create to-do lists by using text and photos. You can also use different colours using the seven colour palette provided in the app. You need to just select your style and corner preferences by tapping on your project title and your style selection buttons will appear! You know each project has its own style settings and you can have it the way you want!

The Suru app’s Intuitive interface allows you to work in whatever way best suits you! With Suru, you can outline your projects with precise details and inspiring photos from wherever you are! Once you have done, you can share your lists and outlines with friends and co-workers. The app helps you to sync your lists and outlines to the cloud. Moreover, you can share a copy of your lists and ideas to other Suru users directly to their device.

To specify a task or project, you can create them and organize by priority and color. After completion, mark items as complete to track your progress and productivity. For all your important tasks and items, you can set reminders/alarms. You can take the organized notes in your class or at the office. You can edit your tasks, re-organize them, re-color, and delete items or sub-items. You can export your work as a beautifully formatted PDF outline and share with anyone.

This latest version of the app has added new options so that you can keep customising the look and feel of your Suru projects. With the new style toggle you can view your project in the traditional solid color format or in a more minimalistic and beautiful outline format. The app is available for $1.49 monthly and $8.99 yearly.

Grab it now and give yourself a break!

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