Guest blogging was regarded as quality way to improve visibility for your brand. The users could guest blog for others to increase your audience share, drive traffic to your own content, and actively boost your thought leadership. If you could entice key influencers to blog on your site, their audience could then become yours as well. Thus increased engagement and traffic was sure to improve SEO for all involved.How to Use Guest Posts to Improve Your Search Results would be key for all users.

One must work with Sites of equal Quality to yours. Also never guest blog down, or permit bloggers from lesser sites to post on your blog. Here are few things you can do to guarantee that you work with sites that are worthy.

  • You must spend time reading posts. Find out if they are relevant, educational, and well-written?
  • Are people sharing and commenting? Are the site owners responsive?
  • Gauge whether or not they post regularly.
  • Follow them on social media and get an idea of their following and presence.
  • You must check out their other guest bloggers.

Guest blogging must be a largely symbiotic relationship. If one party stands to gain significantly more than the other, proceed carefully.

Make Guest Bloggers Earn Their Spot

There were websites that permitted people to post any article, on any topic, with absolutely no quality control. Low quality websites used article directories to actively posts full of keywords in an attempt to drive traffic to their websites. Google changed their search algorithms to catch and penalize this behaviour.

Lack of quality control has left guest blogging in a similar state. You have to establish your own editorial standards. Don’t permit open guest posting on your blog or website. You can establish guidelines, and read posts before you approve them. Also be wary of posting your content on sites that don’t have equally stringent standards.

Try to Use Relevant Links

Link back to your own content as much as you can. You should do that when you have content that is relevant to your post. For the benefit of credibility, you must mix one or two of your own links with links to other, data-heavy, fact based content. Your main points should be backed by data. You can look for articles and other content that include trustworthy statistics, case studies, and working examples. As a result this makes your posts more believable.

Best to Write an Author Bio

In case if a site has an audience that adeptly fits your target and immense traffic, they are still a viable target for guest posting. Also be sure they permit you to include an author bio. You must be allowed to link back to your own website, and describe your qualifications.

Finally Guest posting can lead to better search results. It could help drive traffic to your site, increase social engagement, and bring you quality backlinks. All you have to do is follow a few quality practices to stay in the graces of Google and other search engines.

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