In this day and age of being on the go, and in a hurry; Twitter has launched a new feature to it’s repertoire. It’s called Twitter Highlights. As of right now this new feature is available on Android smartphones. The Highlights feature will allow tweeters to get a summary of hot topics that are relevant to them.

The way it works is Twitter will compile relevant tweets using your information from anything as your accounts and conversations with people you know. It will also pay close attention to topics and events trending in a person’s local areas. Also this feature will allow a tweeter to browse popular tweets from people you follow and trending stories. Looks like Twitter has taken a step in the same direction as Facebook in making the app faster and easier to navigate through.

In order to turn this feature on a user will need to go to the notification settings in their app on phone once they download or updated the app. Twitter is currently considering launching this feature on other platforms.