The Maze Runner, as you probably already know, is a game developed for smart phones by PIKPOK, which is based on the much acclaimed Hollywood movie of the same name, which itself was based on a popular book! So if you liked the movie or the book or are into those Temple Run kind of runner games where you have slide, jump, or roll through obstacles, and just run and run and run, this is the game for you.
The Maze Runner android app can be downloaded and installed from the Apps page in the Google Play Store like any other Android app. Note that the gaming app is actually quite large in size and so, it is advisable to download by using it a Wi-Fi connection at your home. Once you have installed the app, you are ready to go!

The opening credits of the Maze Runner game open just like the movie, and it uses an in-game video to introduce us to the settings of the game and introduces us to the main character in the game with a story to throw some light on his past and how he got into the maze. The goals of the game are simple – you need to avoid all the obstacles while collecting “clues” about the maze and the other characters in the game, and find a way out.

The game play itself is quite difficult, but enjoyable. Whenever you launch the Maze Runnergame, you are transported straight inside the levels of the maze (you get to choose the level options) where you have two options to run or to upgrade your powers. Clicking on run, drops you into the maze, with no memory and are forced to join others who are also seeking a way out of the maze.

You are allowed to select a runner to send out in the maze to look for supplies and clues, and once the runner starts his/her course of run, you need to manoeuvre the character by swiping and tapping on your screen to avoid obstacles, collect coins and clues. Collecting coins as you run helps you to upgrade your powers or unlock a new one.

The Gladers 1 player is free, and Winston from the book/movie can be bought for 50,000 coins, however you need to shell some real money ($3 to $30) if you want to unlock the rest of the characters from the book/movie which is a real dampener.

Every objective finished while running (that is collecting all the available clues) takes you to the next level. Collecting coins is important ib the Maze Runer game, as they help you to buy stuff and boosts which make your run easier across levels. Whenever you die, you have the option to revive yourself using a gem (like Temple Run again) and the demand grows every time you repeat the reviving.


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Pros -:- Good 3D graphics and music- Nice features and interesting game play- Simple controls
Cons -:- Expensive players and features- Pressing “Back” button during the game simply ends the game without even asking!- Short game play duration.

All in all the Maze Runner game has nothing new to offer but it is fun if you haven’t still got bored of the running games.

Download From Google Play