Driving is fun and challenging but driving a bus is more challenging. It is this challenge that brings the fun in the venture. Ever wanted to become a bus driver? The Bus Stimulator by Ovidiu allows you to do just that. Now you can drive on your android phone and have some fun while at it.


Many people are afraid of driving buses in the real world. This does not mean that they cannot enjoy driving a bus. They can now do so using the Bus Stimulator app available on the Google Playstore. This game comes with lots of buses to choose from, different environments to drive at and different weather conditions to make the journey a challenging one. Controlling the bus is just like in a real bus. Here you will have a steering wheel, mirrors and several other controls.

User Experience

Many users who have played the Bus Simulator 17 love it. The chance to drive in the desert, mountain, city and highway makes the game fun and interesting. With the different climatic conditions users get a feel of how real bus drivers feel when they have to drive even in the worst weather. The buses come in different designs; from articulated to school buses to double deckers users can choose the one they love best. One feature that makes this game realistic is the open or close door button. This allows the bus driver to pick and drop passengers as they wish.

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User interface

In Bus Simulator 17, the interface is well designed. The Next-gen graphics ensure that everything on the screen is clear. The traffic system ensures that the driver is aware of what to do. Generally, the game looks just like the real world. The roads are very realistic and so are the buildings and other structures on the sides. The buses also look real. One annoying thing that many complain about is the frequent ads that keep popping up. These are bearable though considering that the game is free.

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