look-b-find-app-iconIt is clear that kids tend to improve their visual and cognitive skills on different objects and colors once they have seen them or touched them. In most cases, this task may require a tutor, a task that can be a bit costly especially if the kid is too small in age. Currently, there is no need to worry since the newly released Look & Find app game is there to sort the issue out. This well-designed app from the Booty Bay Limited is absolutely the best education game for small kids. It actually comes along with a fun-filled experience together with a learning experience that will leave the player completely fascinated. With 12 different maps and 3 beautiful themes to choose from, the player will be set to begin a great fascinating exploration with lots of things to learn!

Getting into the Look & Find app game

Apparently, the user will discover that the game operates in an easy manner. The player (who is a kid) is required to look around the picture offered, discover the object or the animal and point out its name. The interesting thing about the game is that it is quite intuitive thus the kid will find it really fun and exciting when playing it. On the other hand, the game is lively and has integrated three amazing themes to ensure that the player have a diverse experience. These themes include the zoo, countryside and the beach which all of them contain different stages that one will go through. Besides, there are simple quizzes that the kids will find easy and fun to tackle!

Suitable Devices for the Look & Find game

This amazing app has integrated great features that make it exceptional when it comes to delivering performance that meets the intended users. Thus, in order to continually give the best output, it requires high quality devices. For instance, Android devices version 4.1 or any latest version are known to work best for this app.

The Distinct Features for the Look & Find app game

Vocabulary of words for kids to learn

The game comes with about 60 different words together with images that the kids can get a chance to learn from them. The words are well selected and easy to learn and understand them. This makes the kids to have a fun-filled and intuitive moment as they try to spell the words out aloud.

An opportunity to learn some foreign words

Who doesn’t want to have an understanding of the common simple foreign words? Actually no one! Look & Find app game offers kids an incredible opportunity to get acquainted to new terms and words that come from different foreign languages. This amazing learning can boost the kids’ knowledge and understanding and even apply such knowledge in future during interaction.

Brightly colored graphics adopted

The game has taken great consideration in ensuring that the entire game has adopted amazing graphics that appear quite appealing. The entire formation of the graphics, pictures, animations and pathways make the game appear absolutely classic and colorful. This absolutely makes the player enjoy each moment and the performance of the game is indeed improved ultimately.

Colorful themes and map routes

There are three fantastic themes that the game has taken into account. The player can select the favorite one and apply it during the game session. The common themes include the countryside, the beach and the zoo. More are yet to come! Besides, the game comes along with 12 different stages provided by the maps where the player will choose from them.

Interactive and intuitive gameplay

This is absolutely one of the user-friendly and intuitive games the player can come across. It has been designed in a manner that the player needs are attended and met in the best way possible. This highly contributes in boosting the understanding of different concepts and words for the kids. Besides, it helps in improving their cognitive and visual skills since the environment is relaxed and friendly.

Below are the notable Pros and cons that one will come across in the Look & Find game:


  • Perfect intuitive game session
  • Colorful images boost cognitive skills for kids
  • Unique foreign language help diverse learning
  • User-friendly and relaxing environment boosts learning
  • Best app to keep kids engaged and fascinated


  • Slow down in performance when not updated
  • Challenging levels might be hard for kids to tackle by themselves

Final Verdict

A fantastic gaming app that keeps the children engaged besides boosting their learning is absolutely worth going for. Look & Find app game has come with a unique approach where it has proven to bring fun to kids while still boosting their imagination and cognitive skills. This is indeed an app that will keep the child informed, educated and entertained at the same time. Thus, it is absolutely worth downloading today for free at the Google Play. Get it now and make the kid happy and educated!

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