tap-n-smash-iconTAP and SMASH – Fun Ball Arcade Game by Matt BT app is your way to victory! FREE addictive casual game for IPhone and IPad users. It can easily be downloaded from iTunes app store. Simple and easy gameplay is a whole new adventure. If you want to play a different kind of breakout you came to the right place. Helps you accomplish new levels. The more you collect the further you go and more challenging the game gets. It lets you stay connected with friends through this app. You can share prizes or even compete with friends online. You have to safe play and keep safe from the obstacles on the way. Since you only have to gain the coins through the use of one finger. Stunning 3D animated objects to fight and collect. When the arrow approaches the zone, just tap – it’s as simple as that! The amazing sounds effects and Vivid HD graphics add to the excitement of playing this game. The more coins you have the more challenges you can accomplish. You can even buy coins online through credit card payments.

The only drawback I found was that every time I lost it started right back from the bottom which was frustrating because I had gotten so far up. But what’s fun in a game if it’s not challenging, right? This is the perfectly right game if you’re sitting idle at a coffee shop or waiting in a queue. This app promises to keep you addicted and pass your time well. The more you play the more you’d get addicted. Gather coins and swap them for pined for powers that will send you taking off to the highest point of the leaderboard. The gravitational pull keeps the arrow down and if it mistakenly touches something you’re out. You be 100% cautious while playing this. It’ll get the best of you.

It’s available in three different languages Spanish / Chinese (traditional) / English. This makes it easier for international boundaries to reach to. You can login and connect online through your Facebook login which cancels out the trouble of signing up or making a new account for the app. It is a crucial amusement for your cell phone. Let’s begin the voyage of crushing obstructions. Soften all the glass up this circling styled quick paced diversion. Move yourself with the assistance of your finger. You can conform the bearing to break and crush all the glass coming in your way with the assistance of moving arrow. Try to maintain a strategic distance from any glass to hit in this amusement and crush the stars hard. Be that as it may, be watchful with the other balls as you need to stay away from them.

One irritating part is that when you lose and finish the game it asks you to share the score through WhatsApp or messages. And appears every time you finish it .

So it’s time to sit back and enjoy the new THING in town. This will be the reason why teenagers would be scolded to get off of their phones. You don’t want to miss out on this game for sure!

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