lotti_dottiRozana Kabashi, one of the best known app developers has yet again come up with an amazing game app that is absolutely fantastic. How about playing a dots game that is totally unique from the other common ones? This can indeed results to great fascination and zeal to play the game more and more. This is absolutely what the Lotti Dotti game is offering to its users; a totally new experience that is just incomparable! How is this approach? Actually, it is not about creating a connection for the dots but the game gives the users a chance to collect as many dots as possible and make the collector expand in size. Interestingly, the entire process is quite simple for the user to undertake and achieve the greatest collection ever.

To check on its consistent performance, Lotti Dotti has undergone recent updates (on May, 11th, 2016), a fact that has made it to become more promising and worth playing. Issues that can potentially slow down its efficient performance have been fully solved. Thus no complains at all!

Compatible Devices for Lotti Dotti

Clearly, this new version 1.1 of Lotti Dotti game is supported by specific devices that possess great capabilities of exhibiting strong performance. Essentially, for consistent output and operation, the user should have iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad to have unstoppable experience. The next thing that awaits the user is just to get started!

The Functionality of Lotti Dotti

A simple and classic game is the qualities that can be attributed to Lotti Dotti game. Actually, it stretches beyond the expectations of the player in giving satisfactory exposure on how to perfectly collect the dots. Despite its simplicity, it contains set rules that the player need to follow. First, only the green dots are to be collected! Secondly, the red cards should not be collected at all. Reason? Once the red ones are taken, they consequentially reduce the life of the game the player is to experience. Contrary to that, the green ones considerably improve the life of the player’s game through expanding the collector.

There are also alternative dots that are blue in color. Their purpose is amazing; they give the player a unique chance to gain life that will enhance continuous game play. How does the Lotti Dotti game come to an end? The game remains in action so long as the player does not exhaust the lives given. As soon as they are completely consumed and so is the game’s end!

Unique Features Found in Lotti Dotti

Below are some of the amazing features found in Lotti Dotti app game:

Slow down the Game

This is a unique feature that is facilitated by the Slow Mo Dot ; the game actually slows down for some seconds before resuming back to normal pace.

Get the collector repaired

How can this task be achieved? This is a task that is undertaken by Collector Repair Dot and once it has been complete, the player gains a bonus dot!

Path Changer

Apparently, the player can swiftly change the direction of the collector with the aid of the Path Dot. This can make it much easier to collect the dots!

Pause the game

This is a feature that the player can apply with the aid of the De-Stunner Dot. It operates in a way that the game is paused to facilitate proper placement of the collector.

Reveal Dots by Joker

This is an incredible feature that assists the player to know the color of the dot yet to be collected. The color of the dot being red or green is then revealed.

Identify the Divided Dot

One will clearly understand that there are dots containing partly red or green that are found in the game. It is critical to check on them keenly before collecting them to ensure that the green side is always selected as it falls.

Dot Cleaner

Some bad dots tend to occupy the screen thus making it dirty. What is the way out? The task is left to the Red Bomber Dot which removes them from the screen in seconds.

Go the Freestyle Way

The presence of the Freestyle Dot ensure that the player can have a choice of picking a 4-colored dot. The side of color that it falls upon is meant to perform a particular task upon collection.

Here are the Pros and Cons offered by the Lotti Dotti 


· Great formation with high quality resolution

· Offers a fantastic game play

· Performance is incomparable

· Absolutely flexible- stop and resume features

· Bonus collection are fascinating


· Infrequent output experienced sometimes

· Absolutely addictive and time-taking


In summary, it is clear that Lotti Dotti app game has incorporated features and great design that makes it incomparable. The player is exposed to a series of engaging moments that are meant to prove the prowess in relation to one’s skills and how fast they are applied. It is a game that is a must recommend to any game player ready to get a completely new experience. Download it today for free and get entertained!

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