Have you ever noticed how beautiful this Universe is? When I see the stars and planets which are visible from the Earth, I really wish I could also be a planet or a part of the solar system. It’s such a miracle. How the planets are revolving around each other?  How this is done? Well, you have studied about all these in your schooling time. Now, it’s the time to come into action. It’s the year 70 of Galactic Calendar and things are changing now. Humans are trying to colonize another solar system. With this benefit, aliens are trying to invade earth’s solar system with the goal of destroying all life and planets. Only Mecha and pilots can save the people and planets from alien forces now. This is the story line of Quantum Revenge, an app which is coming soon on the market in March, 2017. It’s offered by RealTech VR.

Quantum revenge is a dual-stick space shooter for mobile, designed for touch and game controllers, iOS, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. It features breathtaking 3D animations and 2D animations, highly stylized enemy and robot inspired from the Manga Universe, especially the ‘Mecha’ genre with man controlled robot fighters and more. The game has been set in a war-ravaged space region where you control Mecha warriors. Your goal is to destroy waves of enemies in this dual stick shooter app.

During this game, you will deal with 5 missions and two bosses and with a great finale that will take your breath away. You have the possibility to customize your Mecha with 6 different armour and abilities and with special attacks. By upgrading this feature, you’ll be able to have different modules such as drones, shield and much more.

If we talk about the graphics of the app, they are made with high-quality and it is also optimized for Apple Metal. This game has been designed with a realistic physics engine which will give you effects of reality, but still it is animated. 

It’s a multiplayer game, so you can compete with other players worldwide and get the ranks on the Leaderboard. This will inspire you to play good and get a better score as much as you can to compete against the players all around the globe.

Frankly speaking, this game is not an easy one to play yet very challenging. The battles are fast and furious. You have to be aware from the aliens. The Mecha will unleash streams of bullets against robotic figures and other alien planets.

Quantum Revenge is a game that you and your kids have never played before. It’s a new form of entertainment in the market, which will not only increase your gaming skills, but will help you in your career.

About the Developer:

RealTech VR is a programming company that has made games since 1995, and their games are made of all typical platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and BeOS. This company makes interesting applications and games for Android, Windows, Apple and Android TV and more. Quantum Revenge is the latests new sensation in the market only by, RealTech VR.