Was your childhood awesome and somewhat different? I don’t know yours, but frankly speaking I had an awesome childhood. I played with almost every kind of toy and game as I was a little stubborn child. From puzzle games to video games, I enjoyed everything. Building blocks were my favorite puzzle game till now. Do you know what’s really amazing about that game. It will never feel you are bored. Every time, when you arrange the blocks, a new pattern is made. They are jumbled like words. It’s easy yet challenging. Not everyone can arrange this easily, unlike other blocks game. But, it’s not sufficient in the present date, people want more to play. So we have another game from the same department that will surely knock you all out! Let’s check it out then!

Roll Roll Roll is the innovative puzzle game app designed by Kaleidospace. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and requires any latest version of the Operating System. This exciting new puzzle game is meant for all the ages and provides more than 140 beautiful and fun puzzles across 7 different stages.

The story of this game is quite unique. Instead of fitting or piling the blocks, you have to rotate the blocks. In a magical wonderland, there are two characters ‘L’ and ‘R’, crossing while going, slipping while crossing, fall and get stuck into a hole and suddenly disappears. Now where are they? Can they really see each other or they are separated from each other? You will get to know once you play the game!

The game has simple controls which include different functions such as: to rotate the blocks, drag the screen; to use item, drag the item and to move or make a jump, press tab. You can zoom in or zoom out the screen to see clearly. What’s more interesting in this game is that the app allows you to challenge physics to solve each puzzle. There are obstacles which will hinder your path, such as elevator, water, pipe and teleport features and you have to cope up with them.

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The graphics are extremely impressive and will blow you off. The overall setup looks like you’re actually in a field with a scoreboard running at the top. Roll Roll Roll is a tricky game to play with challenging missions that increase in difficulty. As there are different levels of this gameplay, you have to play carefully and strategically rotate blocks to fit and advance to the next level. It’s time to show your talent and creativity. Can you do this?

The game has not been released yet and will be released in the mid of this year. However, it was a nice pleasure to try my hands on this one. If RollRollRoll is in your Apps list, then you don’t have to visit a game club personally to have fun.