From time to time you may want to change your taste either it is food, clothes or apps installed on your phone. Everybody wants a space in life and want to spend some time alone doing something interesting. If you love zombies and want to play and fight with them, then I have an awesome opportunity for you. There is an app for you which is called “Zombie Sweeper”, designed by Arc Game Studio. This app is compatible with the devices having iOS as well as Android platforms.

You might have played Minesweeper game, Zombie Sweeper is just similar to that gameplay mechanic. It is a new genre of puzzle games. Zombie Sweeper is addicting and action packed game. If you want to relieve all your stress and play between times, then it’s the best game to play.

There is a story behind this gameplay. Kent, a subject of a secret military bio-weapon experiment has escaped and it has caused an outbreak of zombies. The Government has set up an investigation team called USTF (Undead Special Task Force) to pursue and capture the subject alive. You have to act as a USTF’s Commanding Officer and save the mankind.

Zombie Sweeper is a long journey which takes you through 250 different stages unlike other games. Each stage is unique on its own, but your mission is somewhat similar in all the stages. There are over 40 zombie types and 9 bosses to kill. You have to kill them and defend yourself. The controls of the game are very simple and easy. You just have to touch the left and right on the screen to kill the zombies. When they arrive, just shoot them instantly. Don’t miss a single chance of killing them, if you touch wrongly then you may be killed by them. So avoid these kind of silly mistakes. You should pay attention to your goal and achieve success. Remember, you are a Commanding Officer and you have to act accordingly.

There are different weapons offered to you to be used within the gameplay and it’s your choice to change them or not. They are displayed on the screen. You can change it by just clicking the icon. Some special weapons are also there, which will help you whenever you are in danger. Keep going!

What makes Zombie Sweeper distinct is its multiplayer mode, where you can compete and rank with friends. You can share your score on the social media also. It was created with adventurous gamers in mind, providing challenging missions that increase difficulty. It’s an extraordinary puzzle game which is available for free! It is recommended for children as well as adults. It works without wifi. You can play it anywhere at anytime.

Zombie Sweeper is not yet released, it’s coming soon on the App Store later this year. You may find more information on the app at their official website at

Just wait and watch!