Looking for an adventure full of entertainment, action and strategies? There are millions of apps that are launched every year and millions of people enjoy them. “Happy & Smile: City of Fighting” is a 2D scroll action game of cartoon-style form designed by HappyRabbitShow. It’s a sandbox game which is based on touch control.

However, it’s an addicting arcade game which is easy to start and play but it’s very challenging. Once you get the skills of playing this, it’s hard to put down. The game is designed to be a combination of both stylish arcade game as well as strategic card game. The sounds and the themes are just awesome.

Happy & Smile is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and requires any latest version of the Operating System. This app has also been optimized for Android platforms.

Now let me first tell you that this game is not currently released on the market, it’s an upcoming Internet sensation coming soon later this year. The developers are planning to roll out more parts of the game. However, I am going to review its trailer so that you can check it out once the company releases it.

Here you have a cute and funny rabbit who is roaming outside a bank and suddenly some people attacked on the bank and starts doing the robbery. The rabbit’s mission is to kill the bank robbers. How will he do this? Let’s go and see!

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There are cute and funny characters within the play, which are called real heroes with each hero possessing their own skill and strength to level up to defeat the enemy. But what’s more interesting is the challenge lying ahead of you. As you start playing the game, there are many bank robbers having guns and weapons which you have to shoot and kill as fast as you can. But remember, while running you have to save yourself also from the enemies. This thrilling game has different chapters and limited time is offered to defeat rogues and progress to the next level. It’s similar to the classic beat ‘em-up video game, Double Dragon.

There are companions which will help you while you are fighting with your enemies. A variety of powerful weapons and vehicles and card items are offered which you can use and save yourself from the enemies.

Another interactive feature of this game is that it gives you the ability to use the card system to summon new items or even summon other players to help you. It’s your right to build up your own character to fight with the enemies. In the end you face the boss to fight off in order to win the game. If you really want to win the game, you need to optimize your card deck (each card represents weapon, vehicle or teammates) and use the available items whenever necessary. In this way, you can kill your enemies and achieve success.

It’s real fun!

So overall, I would say that Happy & Smile is a game that you must give a try for. The app is coming soon this year. You can find more information on the app in its facebook page at:https://www.facebook.com/HappyRabbitShow/.