Boss os logoIndian Government’s BOSS OS is set to replace Microsoft Windows in India. India, said to be a developing country, has started to promote its “Make In India” program initiated by the current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The initiative is now being seen in computer technology field, with a new OS, Bharat Operating System Solutions (BOSS), ready to be launched. This Indian product mainly targets the security vulnerability of the Indian government, which has seen recent threat from the Chinese hackers. 

History and Future:
BOSS OS, was initially developed in 2007, by National Resource Centre for Free/Open Source Software (NRCFOSS), and later in 2013 its latest version was released. New codes have been developed and are being integrated with the department of electronics and technology, to make it compatible for the Indian market. The new version has been developed Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) and is ready for launch in the coming week. In future the OS is to be made open source and available in all industries.

Economy and Security:
The economy of India, having received a serious blow recently, would receive some support from the made in India product. The OS is also set to be directly used in the Indian ministry, replacing all other operating systems, including Windows.Cyber security threats from Chinese as well as local Indian hackers would see a dead end, with BOSS having been tested against all kind of attacks and being declared unbreakable by the Army Intelligence. It is Linux certified.

Ease of Use:
The display features have been further digitalised, with an onscreen Virtual Keyboard and a bulk converter inbuilt, to have safe and fast transfer of data. The OS will also be available in more than 18 Indian languages, thus overcoming the major drawback of other operating systems, not being able to connect with the locals.

Overall BOSS could prove to be a success step in India’s run towards digitization.