Nowadays, there are so many apps for messaging from one end to the other. One of the most trending apps today is WhatsAppwhich is a brilliant app for chatting, voice and video calling as well. It backups your data and you can also save the chat and send via email for any future use. It also asks you to trust them to delete their messages once they deliver them. But, if the app is safe then why do they even ask you such things? ShazzleChat doesn’t ask you about trusting them. Because it’s a genuine app and never gets your message. It doesn’t send and deliver the message directly. It doesn’t store your communications, ever. Yes, ShazzleChat is the world’s only messaging app that never saves your data, it allows you to send it directly.

ShazzleChat is a free privacy messaging app which has been offered by Shazzle, Inc. The app offers a decentralized platform in which each Smartphone becomes a user’s private network that reduces man in the middle, device at rest and aggregate server security breaches. There are no centralised records of the contents of the communication created. It never receives or stores a copy of the message. In fact, the user is in total control of their privacy, and doesn’t need to trust anyone other than the intended recipient. Moreover, there is no size limit of file or text that you have sent. The network is fully encrypted from end to end where users send communications and content to the other user.

Your privacy is Liberty that’s why ShazzleChat doesn’t store your information neither sees your information. It unleashes the power of peer-to-peer connectivity to allow private Internet communications safe from the centralized authority intrinsic to the Client/Server architecture of the Web by allowing its users to serve content directly from their Smartphones and the connected devices.

To get started, you need to download and install the app on your device. Then, SignUp and create your personal privacy network and enter the SMS verification email. You can invite your friends or family members to join the app and create a group or start an individual chat with them. When you want to express yourself and your emotions and don’t want to disclose them to any third person, Shazzle Chat serves you the best! It never records your personal content nor stores your memories.

The content itself resides only with the sender and the recipient, and it prevents the data aggregation, data-mining and discovery to which all web communications are exposed. Privacy is the main mission of this app and it ensures the data is sent to the other user safely without storing it. No one will snoop around your private thoughts and no big business should profit off data mining your communications. So you don’t have to buy a messaging app for privacy because ShazzleChat offers you the best platform for messaging for absolutely free.

The app is available on the Google App Store for all the latest OS! Give it a try now!

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