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For the safety of the public and facilitating them, Delhi police has introduced a modern mobile app named “One Touch Away”. A fantastic and wonderful app that has a lot of features with one touch use for your safety and police help needs. It is launched as a trial version for that people waited. Its purposes, features and working ways are given below:


Purposes of One Touch Away app
• To build trust between police and public through convenient, fast and user friendly technology for the solution of different issues
• To create a single and unique platform for the betterment and convenience of the public

Features of One Touch Away app
For an easy and fast access to Delhi police, a number of wonderful features are provided in this app.
• It provides complete information, contacts, designations and photos of all on duty policemen& officers.
• Help and information about police advisers and traffic alerts can be got through one touch of this app.
• This app helps in finding missing people with the help of police.
• You can also get safety tips through this modern app.
• By the use of  ‘One Touch Away’ app, you can get information about wanted criminals and terrorists.
• A number of laws (Indian Penal Code, Motor Vehicle Act, Juvenile Justice Act, Arms Act, Criminal Procedure Code, Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Act, Motor Vehicle Act, Copyright Act and Delhi Excise Act with some others) are listed for the awareness, safety and benefit of the public on this app.

How “One Touch Away” app works
Its working and usage is so simple and easy, same as other mobile and Android apps.
• Just download from Delhi police sites or the internet, install and use.
• It will work as an umbrella for all previous apps, sites and services introduced by Delhi police.
• It is currently available for Android users only via Google Play Store.
It is believed that this One Touch Away safety app will help in building trust and satisfaction among people for their safety and solution of their problems.

Download from Play Store