Enemy Dawn LogoPoland is under invasion from Nazis. You love your country and need to defend it at any cost. You are in-charge of a mobile rocket launcher and people pinned hopes on you to defend Nazis, thus prevent them to take global world order. Suddenly you wake-up and realize that it is dream. And the dream repeats every night. Why? It is because of your are a playing an addictive game called Enemy Dawn: WWII Global Conflict Warfare. From Simplus Technologies Group, LLC, this wonderful game is made available for users of iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and the game is optimized for iPhone 5. The game requires iOS version 6 means you can even play the game on a little older devices.

In Enemy Dawn game, defend Poland against Nazis who attack using various groups like Ju-87 Stuka Aircraft (Air), Panzer Tanks (Land) and warships (Water). Once the attack is started, you will have no time to breath. The Enemy Dawn game also designed with greater references to history, so that you will be hooked to it. You also get to attack in various modes and ranges like powerful Katyusha rockets or calling for Air strike. The Enemy Dawn game elements are well designed with minimalistic feel, so that game performs well. The controls are not just touch and fire, but tilt to move on the required direction. This makes the game is also an exercise to your hand. Remember the Nazi army coming from any direction, so you need to keep eye open. Also you need to pick the reinforcements you are getting via air support. Enemy Dawn game got much challenging levels to keep your free time busy.

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As you win levels, new levels comes with additional responsibilities as you also get promoted. The landscape also changes like historic landmarks, buildings, sea etc. This makes the Enemy Dawn game from being monotonous and also makes gameplay interesting. Also remember that the game gets harder with every passing level as the enemies get faster and cause more damage to your vehicles. Available for just a dollar, the Enemy Dawn game makes it worth more than the money you spend for it. But also not that the Enemy Dawn game has fantasy & mild violence, so be warned to keep it out of kid reach, if you want.

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